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Aiden Ford

Aiden Ford

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|name=Aiden Ford
|home planet=Earth
|allegiances=Travelers, formerly Ford's Coalition, Atlantis expedition
|appearances=Stargate: Atlantis <small>(24 episodes)</small>
|actor=Rainbow Sun Francks
{{Quote|When we weren't out on harrowing missions, we used to hang out together. I'd share my dreams of a self-sustaining fusion and he would talk of how you could sever a man's torso with a P90.|Rodney McKay|Runner (episode)}}
Aiden Ford is a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and a former member of the Atlantis expedition. He was an original member of the Atlantis Reconnaissance 1 up until his defection from Atlantis in 2005 after becoming addicted to the Wraith enzyme. His position as a member of AR-1 was later taken by Satedan Ronon Dex. In 2010 Ford was found alive by the Atlantis Expedition living amongst the Travelers. He had taken up the alias Wolf while hunting Wraith and had built a new life for himself among the Travelers having become married with a wife and becoming a father to a son. He was later allowed to return to Earth along with his family where he reunited with his cousin Lara and grandparents to begin a new life there.



Background information

thumb|left|200px|Aiden's grandparents.">thumb|left|200px|Aiden's grandparents. Aiden Ford is an only child and his parents are never mentioned. He was very close to his Aiden Ford's grandfather|grandfather and Aiden Ford's grandmother|grandmother who appeared to have raised him. He has a cousin named Lara, to whom was very close because they were both only children. {{Cite|SGA|Rising|Letters from Pegasus|The Intruder}}


thumb|right|200px|Ford during the first year of the Atlantis Expedition.">thumb|right|200px|Ford during the first year of the Atlantis Expedition. Representing the United States Marine Corps, Aiden Ford was present during the scientific investigation of the Antarctic outpost until he was transferred to the Atlantis expedition, arriving at Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. He was part of the team lead by Colonel Marshall Sumner that traveled to Athos to find a viable evacuation planet in case Atlantis flooded. When the Wraith Culling|culled the planet, he was guarding the Stargate. Major John Sheppard ordered him to memorize the gate address of the planet the Wraith Darts traveled to. He accompanied Sheppard on his mission to rescue Sumner, Teyla Emmagan, other Athosians and Tau'ri captured when Athos was culled. He and Sheppard infiltrated the Hive ship and located the prisoners after planting C-4 throughout the ship. Sheppard ordered him to stay with the prisoners while he went to find Sumner. He eventually followed Sheppard's boot trail and saved him from being feed on by the Wraith Keeper. They then blew the C-4 and escaped back to the Puddle Jumper and back to Atlantis. He was later assigned to the Atlantis Reconnaissance 1 with Sheppard, Teyla, and Dr. Rodney McKay. {{Cite|ATL|Rising}}
thumb|left|200px">thumb|left|200px When Jinto accidentally released the Shadow creature, he was guarding a hallway with Sgt. Stackhouse when the creature approached. Since the doors were affected by the power drain of the creature he had to bypass the door manually and was enveloped by the creature. He suffered minor burns similar to being struck by lightning and was back on duty in short order. {{cite|SGA|Hide and Seek}}
On a recon mission to the Wraith homeworld, he and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team were attacked by Wraith warriors. While fleeing back to the ship, Major John Sheppard was attacked by an Iratus bug. On the way back to Atlantis, the Puddle Jumper became lodged in the Stargate. He was partially dematerialized in the Event horizon and was pulled out Teyla Emmagan and Dr. Rodney McKay. After using salt and iodine to try to remove the Iratus bug, Dr. Carson Beckett suggested the use of a defibrillator to stop his heart. When Sheppard could not be revived, he had Teyla take him though the event horizon. After McKay managed to retract the drive pods on the Jumper, he had McKay enter the event horizon so he could blow the rear hatch to propel the Jumper through the gate. Beckett then revived Sheppard when he reached Atlantis. {{cite|SGA|Thirty-Eight Minutes}}
A short time later, Ford accompanied Major John Sheppard on a Puddle Jumper exploration of Lantea. During their voyage, they discovered the Lantea's mainland|mainland. After the Athosians relocated to the mainland, he and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team traveled to an Planet (Suspicion)|unnamed planet. While deciphering ruins, Major John Sheppard sent Ford with Teyla Emmagan to find the inhabitants to help with the translation. While they were away the Wraith attacked the ruins. Cut off from the Stargate and abandoned by the rest of their team, Teyla and Ford were forced to fight their way to the gate. During the fight, Ford dove out of the way of a Wraith stunner blast and hit his head, knocking him unconscious. Teyla managed to drag him through the gate to safety. After he recovered, he joined the rest of his team on an ambush to capture a Wraith on the same planet. They were successful and able to capture Steve (Wraith)|Steve. {{Cite|ATL|Suspicion}}
When his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team's Puddle Jumper crashed on M7G-677, he tried to use a magnetic compass to locate the direction of the Stargate but it was rendered useless by the electromagnetic field generator the Ancients left on the planet. Dr. Rodney McKay used the compass to locate the device. He and McKay unplugged the Zero Point Module and returned to Atlantis to test the ZPM. When McKay discovered that it was almost depleted, they returned it to the device. When the Wraith sent a Wraith probe|probe, he and Major John Sheppard attempted to shoot it down but failed. Fortunately, McKay was able to reactivate the device and the probe shut down. {{cite|SGA|Childhood's End}}
He was in charge of transporting Steve (Wraith)|Steve to Hoff in order to test the Hoffan drug. After the test, he alerted Major John Sheppard that Steve had fallen ill and eventually died. {{Cite|atl|Poisoning the Well}}
On a mission to the Genii homeworld, he and Teyla Emmagan stayed for the harvest ceremony while Major John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay returned to Atlantis to discuss the trade deal with Dr. Elizabeth Weir. When Sheppard and McKay returned and found a secret Underground Bunker, they were arrested by Tyrus and Sora Tyrus and brought inside. After a loose alliance was formed between the two, he and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team joined Cowen and Tyrus on a mission to a Wraith Hive ship. Once on the Hive, Sheppard orders him to guard the Puddle Jumper while they download information to the Wraith data storage device. When they returned to the Genii homeworld and Cowen tried to double-cross them, he drew his weapon but was not forced to fire as Cowen surrounded when two Jumpers decloaked. {{cite|SGA|Underground}}
After the discovery of M5S-224's powerful atmosphere, he traveled back to the planet with Dr. Rodney McKay to attempt to dial Earth. He assisted him in inserting the control crystal into the Dial Home Device to allow an eight symbol address. He traveled to Earth to brief Stargate Command of the situation in the Pegasus galaxy. While preparing to return, there was an accident aboard the Prometheus and he was unable to return to Atlantis. He was then reassigned to Antarctica. Fortunately, this was all an illusion created by the Energy being of M5S-224|inhabitants of the planet and he never left Pegasus. {{cite|SGA|Home}}
thumb|right|200px">thumb|right|200px When the Lantean storm was approaching Atlantis, he and Major John Sheppard traveled to Manaria to negotiate with Smeadon about evacuating the Atlantis expedition there. He then assisted Dr. Carson Beckett and Teyla Emmagan in evacuating the Athosians from the Lantea's mainland|mainland. However, by the time the last of the hunters arrived at the Puddle Jumper, the storm was about to hit and Beckett insisted he lacked the skill to fly through it. He eventually persuaded Beckett during the eye, to return to Atlantis after learning that a Genii strike team infiltrated the city. After arriving back on Atlantis, he, along with Beckett and Teyla saved Major John Sheppard from a Genii trap at the Naquadah generator. He then paired up with Sheppard to retake Stargate Operations. {{Cite|atl|The Storm|The Eye}}


When Major John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Brendan Gall and Dr. Abrams lost contact with Atlantis while exploring a Light Bugs' Planet|planet in the Lantean system, he was sent by Dr. Elizabeth Weir on a rescue mission. He assembled a team consisting of Teyla Emmagan, Sgt. Markham and several Marines. When they arrived in orbit above the planet, Sheppard ordered them to fire a Drone weapon at the Wraith survivor, killing him. {{cite|SGA|The Defiant One}}
While surveying the formerly flooded sections of Atlantis for structural damage, Ford was exposed to an Ancient nanovirus. Fortunately, Major John Sheppard was able to overload a Naquadah generator, causing an electromagnetic pulse, which deactivated the nanites. {{cite|SGA|Hot Zone}}
On a mission to Proculus, his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team's Puddle Jumper was attacked by Wraith Darts. They were saved by a mysterious force from the planet below. After landing on the surface, they were introduced to Chaya Sar. {{Cite|SGA|Sanctuary}}
While searching Atlantis, he, Major John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan found a Atlantis stasis chamber room|room with a women preserved in a Stasis pod. After reviving her it is discovered that she is an alternate Dr. Elizabeth Weir#Alternate timeline|Elizabeth Weir. She explained that in her timeline he drowned helping people evacuate to the Jumper bay. {{cite|SGA|Before I Sleep}}
thumb|left|200px">thumb|left|200px He and the team went to Dagan to search for a Zero Point Module, after an alternate Dr. Elizabeth Weir#Alternate timeline|Elizabeth Weir gave him five addresses with a guaranteed ZPM on them. When they discovered the Quindosim Chamber, he stayed above ground while the rest of the team entered. He was then shot with a tranquilizer dart and knocked out by Commander Acastus Kolya's men. Koyla took Dr. Rodney McKay and Allina to help him locate the ZPM and put him in the chamber. He, along with Major John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan came up with a plan to ambush Koyla and his men with stun grenades. After Sheppard retrieved the ZPM they sprung the trap and overtook the Genii. The team had acquired a ZPM, but since McKay told Allina, who was a member of the new Quindosim that the Atlantis expedition weren't the Lanteans they hoped and took the ZPM until the Ancients came back to reward, despite the fact they all ascended. McKay tried his best to convince of the impending Wraith siege, but lost. They returned to Atlantis and were informed by Dr. Elizabeth Weir that the long range sensors had detected three Wraith Hive ships. {{Cite|ATL|The Brotherhood}}
Dr. Elizabeth Weir assigned him to the task of recording personal messages back to Earth to be included in the distress call sent to Stargate Command. He also sent a message to his grandparents. {{cite|SGA|Letters from Pegasus}}
He and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team traveled to a Planet (The Gift)|planet and discovered a Wraith lab (The Gift)|Wraith Lab that belonged to a Wraith Scientist (The Gift)|Wraith Scientist that experimented on Teyla Emmagan's ancestors. They discovered a Wraith data storage device and brought it back to Atlantis. {{Cite|SGA|The Gift}}
thumb|right|200px">thumb|right|200px With three Wraith Hive ships heading to Atlantis, he assisted Major John Sheppard in choosing a new Alpha Site. On a mission to M1M-316 he and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team encountered a Dinosaur like creature and had to evacuate. After a Bob (Wraith)|Wraith was discovered in the city, he led the second team to search for him. After Sheppard's team was Wraith stunner|stunned by the Wraith, his team double timed it to his position and stunned the Wraith before it could feed on Sheppard. During the first wave of Wraith Darts, he took over firing the RG/BBT SG military mounted gun position that had been vacated after Major Ferrell was taken by a Wraith beaming device|Wraith beam. After the defeat of the first wave, he and Sheppard teamed up to search the city for Wraith that beamed in. During the second wave, he was searching the city with Captain Radner for Wraith infiltrates when a group of Wraith beamed in front and behind them. During the fight, he was personally attacked by a Wraith warrior and both fell into the Lantea's ocean|ocean after a grenade Ford had dropped earlier went off. When Ford was found after having spent nearly an hour in the freezing water outside Atlantis, a Wraith had begun to feed on him, even as the damage caused by the grenade had killed the Wraith just as it began to feed. As a result, Ford's body was injected with a high dosage of the Wraith enzyme|enzyme that the Wraith inject into their victims so that the victims will remain alive during the feeding process. From this point on, Ford became dependent upon the enzyme. Dr. Carson Beckett attempted to wean him off the enzyme slowly by collecting enzyme from the Wraith bodies in the morgue. Ford awoke and insisted on helping in the siege but was told by Dr. Elizabeth Weir to return to the Atlantis infirmary|infirmary. While in the infirmary he overheard Beckett talking about getting him off the enzyme. He attacked the guard and took his weapon. At gunpoint he demanded Beckett give him the supply of enzyme and he escaped. Sheppard pursued him but he stole a Puddle Jumper and escaped through the Stargate. {{Cite|ATL|The Siege, Part 1|The Siege, Part 2|The Siege, Part 3}}
thumb|left|Aiden after his [[Wraith enzyme|enzyme">thumb|left|Aiden after his [[Wraith enzyme|enzyme transformation.]] A few months later, he was on a Wraith controlled planet and noticed a heavily armed Wraith Commander (Runner)|Wraith heading through the Stargate alone. He followed him to P3M-736 and ran into a Runner named Ronon Dex. He killed the Wraith and harvested the enzyme while Ronon escaped. A short time later, Major Evan Lorne and Dr. Parrish were exploring the planet when they came across the Wraith corpse. Lorne sent the body back to Atlantis and Dr. Carson Beckett discovered the enzyme sack had been removed. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard recognized that Ford was responsible and took his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team and Lorne's Lorne's Atlantis Reconnaissance Team|team to the planet to search for him. During the search, Ford ambushed the team of Lorne and Dr. Rodney McKay and Wraith stunner|stunned Lorne. He explained to McKay that Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan had been captured by Ronon and they needed to rescue them. During their search McKay attempted to convince Ford to return to Atlantis and let Beckett help him. After Ford stunned two Atlantis personnel, McKay pulled his gun and demanded Ford return to the gate. Ford refused and McKay shot him in the shoulder. McKay realizing how mad Ford was ran and Ford chased him through the forest. McKay inadvertently triggered one of the traps that Ronon had laid for the Wraith and his leg was caught in a rope and it flipped him upside down hanging from a tree. Ford approached still intent on killing him but is attacked by Ronon. They both pulled knives and attacked each other. Sheppard interrupted them and Ford ran off. Sheppard chased Ford and cornered him. He reached for his sidearm but Sheppard shot him in the leg. Seeing no way to escape, he ran into the Wraith beaming device|beam of a Wraith Dart. {{cite|SGA|Runner}}
He was removed from the Wraith beaming device aboard a Wraith cruiser but because of the Wraith enzyme he was awake instead of stunned. He killed the Wraith warrior and escaped. He made his way to a tavern on a planet and met Kanayo and several other men. He told them about the enzyme and they agreed to join his Ford's Coalition|Coalition. {{cite|SGA|The Lost Boys}}
thumb|right|200px">thumb|right|200px A few months later, his men captured Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team. He spiked the food that Teyla Emmagan, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Ronon Dex were eating to show that the enzyme works, leaving only Sheppard unaffected to better convince Dr. Elizabeth Weir. He also recruited their help in sabotaging a Wraith Hive Ship. He forced McKay to fix the Wraith Dart and Sheppard to pilot it. He made McKay stay back on his Ford's planet|planet so Sheppard would stick to the plan. Sheppard Wraith beaming device|beamed everyone into the Dart and headed through the Stargate. While approaching the Hive the Dart went on autopilot and forced Sheppard to unload his cargo blind. Half of Ford's men were beamed off a ledge. Believing Sheppard did it on purpose, Ford turned off his radio against Teyla's wishes. When Sheppard landed the alarms sounded and they were captured as was Sheppard. Once in a cell, the group managed to escape but were quickly captured. The Wraith separated the team this time and put Ford in a cell with Sheppard and Neera a woman Sheppard was trying to save when they were captured. While in the cell, Ford began to experience Wraith enzyme withdrawal|withdrawal. During this, he apologized to Sheppard for the entire enzyme incident. He was later taken away by the Wraith Commander (The Lost Boys)|Wraith Commander to be cocooned. He escaped with enzyme, and rescued Sheppard from the Wraith Queen (The Lost Boys)|Wraith Queen. Ford then headed off to give Sheppard a chance to save Teyla and Ronon, though the Hive Ship he was on was soon destroyed. Ford is presumed dead, though Sheppard says he was alive when he last saw him, and he's sticking to that. {{Cite|ATL|The Lost Boys|The Hive}}


After Sheppard left, Ford kept fighting until he fell off one of the catwalks and got clear of pursuit. When the two hive ships started firing on each other, Ford stole a Dart but didn't know how to fly it and crashed on Edowin. He ran low on enzyme, but was rescued by the Travelers and helped through Wraith enzyme withdrawal by a Traveler doctor who had been a Wraith worshipper|Wraith worshiper and thus knew how to treat the affliction. However, the withdrawal left Ford in bad shape and it took him a year before he was anything like back to normal. As the Travelers didn't know where Atlantis was, Ford chose to stick with them and he was eventually offered a chance to transfer from the Durant to the Osir which traded in areas under heavy Wraith pressure and the Travelers believed his skills would be useful. As Ford would still be able to fight the Wraith, he took it, eventually meeting his future wife Atelia and coming up with the identity of Wolf to take the fight to the Wraith. Under Ford's leadership, the forces working with him did a lot of damage and had the Wraith worried, but Ford was limited by the fact that the Travelers didn't want to do many missions before going home. The team became aware of his survival when the Wraith demanded that they deal with Wolf to maintain the peace the Tau'ri and Wraith had established. Ford is reunited with his friends who strike a deal with Guide to allow Ford to return to Earth instead of killing him. Ford and his family accompany the team and Weir back to Earth on a Vanir scoutship where Ford waits out the discussion with Ran on the scoutship. Upon returning to the SGC, he is greeted by Generals Landry and O'Neill and after debriefing, is allowed to return home with his wife and son. Accompanied by Teyla and Sheppard, Ford returns to Georgia where he is happily reunited with his cousin Sheri and his grandparents. {{cite|SGA|The Third Path}}

Alternate timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, the "first" time the Atlantis expedition|expedition arrived in Atlantis, there was no failsafe mechanism to release the city from the ocean floor when the shield failed and the city completely flooded. Ford helped some of the members to escape to a Puddle Jumper and informed Maj. Sheppard right before Sheppard, Dr. Weir and Dr. Zelenka traveled 10,000 years back in time. He later drowned. {{Cite|atl|Before I Sleep}}
  • Appearances

    {| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Aiden Ford |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate: Atlantis
  • *Atlantis Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Rising|Rising, Part 1"
  • **"Rising|Rising, Part 2"
  • **"Hide and Seek"
  • **"Thirty-Eight Minutes"
  • **"Suspicion"
  • **"Childhood's End"
  • **"Poisoning the Well"
  • **"Underground"
  • **"Home"
  • **"The Storm"
  • **"The Eye"
  • **"The Defiant One"
  • **"Hot Zone"
  • **"Sanctuary"
  • **"Before I Sleep" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"The Brotherhood"
  • **"Letters from Pegasus"
  • **"The Gift"
  • **"The Siege, Part 1"
  • **"The Siege, Part 2"
  • *Atlantis Season 2|Season 2
  • **"The Siege, Part 3"
  • **"The Intruder" <small>(Photo only)</small>
  • **"Runner (episode)|Runner"
  • **"Conversion" {{m}}
  • **"The Lost Boys"
  • **"The Hive"
  • *Atlantis Season 5|Season 5:
  • **"Search and Rescue" <small>(Hallucination only)</small>
  • |}

    Powers and abilities

    After being fed on by a Wraith 5 (The Siege)|Wraith that was killed during the feeding process, Ford's system was flooded with the Wraith enzyme. He displayed several enhanced abilities while using the enzyme.
  • Enhanced strength: To be added
  • Enhanced speed: To be added
  • Enhanced stamina: To be added
  • Enhanced vison: To be added
  • Enhanced hearing: To be added
  • Equipment



  • FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon: To be added
  • M9 pistol: To be added
  • Wraith stunner rifle: To be added
  • Wraith handblaster: To be added
  • Particle magnum: To be added
  • Combat knife: To be added
  • C-4: To be added
  • Stun grenade: To be added
  • RG/BBT SG military mounted gun: To be added
  • Other equipment

  • Atlantis expedition uniform: To be added
  • Battle Dress Uniform: To be added
  • Service Dress Uniform: To be added
  • Hazmat suit: To be added
  • Tactical vest: To be added
  • Radio: To be added
  • Night vision goggles: To be added
  • Flashlight: To be added
  • Binoculars: To be added
  • Magnetic compass: To be added
  • Service Awards and Decorations

    During his military career, Aiden Ford received a number of military decorations. {{Cite|ATL|The Intruder}}
  • {{WPS|Meritorious Service Medal (United States)|Meritorious Service Medal}}
  • {{WPS|Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal}}
  • {{WPS|Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal}}
  • {{WPS|Navy Unit Commendation}}
  • {{WPS|Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation}}
  • Behind the scenes

    {{Source images2}}
  • As a major character, he appears in every episode of Stargate: Atlantis in Atlantis Season 1|Season 1. In Atlantis Season 2|Season 2, his role is reduced to recurring status. He does not appear in any episodes of Atlantis Season 3|Season 3 or Atlantis Season 4|Season 4. His most recent appearance is during a brief hallucination at the beginning of the Atlantis Season 5|season 5 episode "Search and Rescue", in which he compares Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's failure to rescue Teyla Emmagan from Michael Kenmore to Sheppard's failure to save Ford himself. He also appeared in flashback sequences in "Inquisition". He appeared again the Fandemonium Stargate Atlantis novel The Third Path which revealed his fate.
  • Rainbow Sun Francks was unable to audition for the role of Ford so he obtained the casting sides from a friend and he posted his reading online. Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper became aware of the audition and Rainbow got the part.
  • Appearing in a total of 25 episodes, Ford is tied with Jonas Quinn for the fewest number of appearances of any Stargate regular character.
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