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Albert Reynolds

Albert Reynolds

{{Infobox Character
|name=Albert Reynolds
|race=Tau'ri<ref name="Touchstone">{{cite|SG1|Touchstone}}
</ref> |home planet=Earth<ref name="Touchstone" /> |gender=Male |born=September 15, 1958<ref name="DVD Collection">Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 30</ref> |died= |rank=Colonel<ref name="Ascension">{{cite|SG1|Ascension}}
</ref> |allegiances=
  • Tau'ri<ref name="Touchstone" />
  • *United States Air Force <ref name="Touchstone" />
  • **Stargate Command<ref name="Ascension" />
  • ***SG-3
  • ***SG-16<ref name="Ascension" />{{C|formerly}}
  • *Area 51 {{C|formerly}}
    <ref name="Touchstone" />
  • **NID {{C|formerly}}
    <ref name="Touchstone" />
  • |appearances=Stargate SG-1 <small>(16 episodes)</small><br>Stargate: The Ark of Truth |actor=Eric Breker }} {{Quote|We have the craziest job in the world.|Albert Reynolds|Line in the Sand}}
    Albert Reynolds<ref name="DVD Collection" /> was a major in the United States Air Force originally stationed at Area 51. Three years later, Reynolds was later reassigned to Stargate Command, where upon being promoted to Colonel, he was first assigned as leader of SG-16 and later became the leader of SG-3. By 2006, he was the second in SGC chain of command, after Major General Henry Landry, with Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter following Reynolds.


    Background Information

    Born on September 15, 1958, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Albert Reynolds studied Astrophysicist|physics at the University of Texas achieving a bachelor's degree in science. He then joined the United States Air Force as a test pilot in California. In 1991 he commanded a squadron during Operation Desert Storm. {{Cite|SG1|Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 30 {{!}}
    The DVD Collection 30}}


    {{Quote|Colonel O'Neill. Major Reynolds, NID.|Albert Reynolds introducing himself to Jack O'Neill and SG-1|Touchstone (episode)}}
    thumb|left|Reynolds as a Major and also a member of Area 51">thumb|left|Reynolds as a Major and also a member of Area 51 Sometime after joining the Air Force, Reynolds achieved the rank of major and was assigned to Area 51 as a member of the National Intelligence Department|NID. He was extremely enthusiastic and cheerful when he met SG-1 for the first time. SG-1 came under the pretense of delivering important papers to the facility, but were really in search of a piece of stolen alien technology called the Touchstone. He showed them the various labs as they made their way into the building hoping to meet up with Colonel Harold Maybourne who had just been reassigned there. Reynolds showed them the various research labs for medical, geological, space metallurgy and artifact studies. SG-1 also saw the two death gliders they had used to escape Apophis's Apophis' mothership|mothership when it was about to Apophis' attack on Earth|attack Earth.{{cite|SG1|The Serpent's Lair}}
    . Reynolds also said that they were reviewing Daniel's notes which he brought back from "Heliopolis" on Ernest Littlefield's planet.{{cite|SG1|The Torment of Tantalus|Touchstone}}
    SG-1 was successful in locating the stolen Touchstone. As it turns out, the Beta Gate|Stargate discovered in the Antarctic {{Cite|SG1|Solitudes}}
    had been stolen by a covert group and was being used to steal alien technology. After the Antarctic Stargate was returned to Area 51, Major General George S. Hammond|George Hammond ordered a permanent iris be welded onto it. Major Reynolds was one of the officers who witnessed the sealing of this device which then went under guard by SGC personnel under Hammond's command. {{cite|SG1|Touchstone}}


    {{Quote|Going through the Stargate is extremely dangerous and you do that everyday.|Albert Reynolds to Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson|Ascension (episode)}}
    thumb|right|Reynolds as a Colonel and also a member of the SGC as well as the new leader of SG-16">thumb|right|Reynolds as a Colonel and also a member of the SGC as well as the new leader of SG-16 2001|Three years later, Reynolds had achieved the rank of colonel, and was transferred to Stargate Command and became the new leader of SG-16. His team was tasked with studying and activating the Orbital weapon on Velona. He worked with Major Samantha Carter to adapt a Naquadah reactor to the weapon to replace its power core. The reactor would successfully power up the weapon, but in order for it to do so, it could not be stopped in transferring its energy or it would explode. An Ascension|ascended being named Orlin had been banished to this planet because he gave the people of the planet the design to build the weapon to destroy an attacking Goa'uld, but after the people were successful in overcoming the Goa'uld, they decided to use the weapon to conquer other worlds. Because Orlin had communicated the knowledge for the people to design the weapon, The Others (the collective of other Ascended Beings), destroyed the Velonan civilization and banished Orlin there as punishment for his interference. Orlin decided to retake human form to prevent Reynolds from powering up the weapon. When he tried to stop Reynolds from the test, Reynolds shot him. Orlin had been successful in disconnecting the naquadah reactor from the weapon before he was immobilized, but the reactor was still building up energy and would explode. The Others gave Orlin a second chance and helped him to ascend once again and he, as an Ascended Being, removed the naquadah reactor far from SG-16 and it exploded without harm. He also destroyed the weapon with a bolt of lightning.{{Cite|SG1|Ascension}}


    {{Quote|Colonel. We found something you want to see|Albert Reynolds to Jack O'Neill after finding Daniel Jackson|Fallen}}
    Sometime after the incident on Verona, Reynolds was reassigned and put in command of SG-3. He then traveled to Vis Uban to help search for a cache of Ancient weapons, but instead ran into the descended Dr. Daniel Jackson. He later helped Jackson and Jonas Quinn overpower the Jaffa guarding the transportation rings and ring aboard Anubis' mothership. {{Cite|SG1|Fallen}}
    {{Quote|Not much faith in Plan "A"?<br>Since when has Plan "A" ever worked?|Albert Reynolds and Jack O'Neill|Evolution, Part 1}}
    He and SG-3 accompanied SG-1 and Bra'tac to Ramius' homeworld in an attempt to capture a Kull warrior. He was shot in the attempt and captured by Ramius' Jaffa. He and the others were freed by Ramius' Jaffa guard and they escaped. {{cite|SG1|Evolution, Part 1}}
    During the Kinahhi (people)|Kinahhi crisis, Reynolds led reinforcements to help General Hammond after General Shaun Woodburn got the President to clear the sheh-fet out of the SGC. {{cite|SG1|The Cost of Honor}}


    {{Quote|Who could have survived this?|Albert Reynolds to Jack O'Neill after seeing the destruction of the Alpha Site|Death Knell}}
    A month after first contact with the Kull Warriors, Reynolds and his team joined SG-1 in the search for survivors when the Alpha Site (Second)|Alpha Site was attacked by Anubis's Kull warriors. He discovered a group of 12 survivors in the woods including Major Green (Alpha Site)|Green and M'zel. {{cite|SG1|Death Knell}}
    {{Quote|It's one of those things that whips up from the wall, grabs your head and rearranges your brain, right?|Albert Reynolds on the Ancient Repository of Knowledge|Lost City, Part 1}}
    He traveled to P3X-439 with SG units 1, 3 and SG-5|5 to attempt to recover one of the Ancients' Repository of knowledge. He defended the Stargate alongside SG-5 leader Major Harper until the mission was completed, fighting off Al'kesh and Death Gliders sent by the Goa'uld Anubis. {{cite|SG1|Lost City, Part 1}}
    {{Quote|General, we just wanted you to know... We're behind you one hundred percent. You just need to give the order and we're ready to go.|Albert Reynolds to Jack O'Neill|Zero Hour}}
    He and his team accompanied SG-1 on a mission to the planet P2X-887 and ordered to guard the Stargate by Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. After the planet was attacked by Ba'al, he returned to Earth assuming they had been captured. Later, he was sent to check out the Ancient device that was given to Brigadier General Jack O'Neill by Camulus. He found a Zero Point Module and brought it back to Stargate Command. Later, he and Major Paul Davis briefed O'Neill on possible rescue plans to free SG-1 from Ba'al using Symbiote poison. {{cite|SG1|Zero Hour}}
    {{Quote|He said "Get the ship moving"|Albert Reynolds on Hammond's order|Prometheus Unbound}}
    Reynolds and SG-3 were handpicked by Lt. General George S. Hammond to travel to the Pegasus galaxy on board the Prometheus to determine the fate of the Atlantis expedition. While on their journey, the Prometheus answered a distress call and encountered two disabled ships: a Goa'uld Tel'tak|cargo ship and an Al'kesh mid range bomber. He and his team Transportation rings|ringed aboard the Al'kesh that was broadcasting the distress signal. After they arrived Vala Mal Doran ringed to the Prometheus in Kull armor and shot the crew with a Zat'nik'tel and ringed them to the Al'Kesh. SG-3 and the rest of the Prometheus crew, except for Daniel Jackson, were stranded on the Al'kesh by the space pirate, Vala, in her bid to steal the Prometheus and trade it for an extraordinary amount of weapons grade naquadah. Reynolds demonstrated knowledge of Al'kesh system controls and was left on the Al'kesh to pilot it home after the Prometheus was recovered. Vala, however, was able to overpower SG-3 and send them back to the Prometheus via the ring transporter before she disappeared in hyperspace on the Al'kesh. {{Cite|SG1|Prometheus Unbound}}


    {{Quote|Use two of those things.<br/>Sir?<br/>It's a "blast door"|Jack O'Neill and Albert Reynolds on the strength of a blast door|Reckoning, Part 2}}
    When the Replicators invaded Stargate Command, he helped Brigadier General Jack O'Neill repel the Replicators. They held the Replicators at bay while MSgt. Sylvester Siler attempted to dial the P4X-650|Alpha Site. He was unable to do so because of an incoming wormhole from Dakara that destroyed the Replicators. {{Cite|SG1|Reckoning, Part 2}}


    {{Quote|Go, Colonel! Go! Go!|Albert Reynolds to Cameron Mitchell during the rescue of Teal'c|Stronghold}}
    He and his team joined SG-1 on a mission to P2M-903 to rescue Teal'c who had been captured by one of the Ba'al clones. {{cite|SG1|Stronghold}}
    {{Quote|It's called Kassa... Lieutenant Mooney described it as "sweet corn heaven.|Albert Reynolds on Kassa|Off the Grid}}
    On a mission to Planet (Off the Grid)|another planet, A member of Reynolds' team, Lt. Mooney (SG-3)|Mooney, tasted Kassa and became addicted. Mooney was so addicted to it that he didn't want to leave the planet so Reynolds had to restrain him and return him to Stargate Command and brought a sample of Kassa for Dr. Bill Lee to study. {{cite|SG1|Off the Grid}}
    {{Quote|Piece of cake. While we're at it, maybe we can teach him how to speak Japanese.|Albert Reynolds to Hadden on stopping Volnek|Arthur's Mantle (episode)}}
    After Teal'c and SG-12 were sent to check on the Sodan distress call and did not report back, he and his team (along with SG-22 were sent in to investigate. Once there he was informed that he was stranded because Volnek had taken the control crystal for the Eye of the Gods. He was able to return to Earth after Teal'c and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell killed Volnek and retrieved the crystal. {{cite|SG1|Arthur's Mantle}}
    {{Quote|Excuse me. Amateurs coming through.|Albert Reynolds to Vala Mal Doran|Uninvited}}
    When SG-1 and Major General Henry Landry were taking some time off, he was going to return to Stargate Command to relieve Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter of command, but was delayed on P9J-333 by the appearance of a Interdimensional parasite. The Mutated Creature was killed with the help of Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran. He was also involved in tracking the creatures in the forest around O'Neill's cabin in Silver Creek, Minnesota. {{cite|SG1|Uninvited}}


    {{Quote|We have the craziest job in the world.|Albert Reynolds|Line in the Sand}}
    On a mission to P9C-882, he and his team were asked by the people to help them in their fight against the Ori. He traveled back to Stargate Command to inform Major General Henry Landry and he sent SG-1 to use Merlin's Arthur's Mantle to protect the village. {{cite|SG1|Line in the Sand}}
    {{Quote|Apparently a Jaffa named Arkad has muscled his way into a relationship with the Ori. Says he'll police the planet, get even more Jaffa planets to fall in line.|Reynolds on Arkad|Talion}}
    He and SG-1 were sent to Dar Eshkalon after Teal'c was overdue. He found an injured Bra'tac. Later, he was in contact with Jaffa on P8T-365 who opposed Ori occupation. They informed him that Arkad was mining Naquadah for an attack on Earth. He then joined SG-1 on a mission to Arkad's World, but was shot by Teal'c with a Zat'nik'tel. {{cite|SG1|Talion}}
    {{Quote|It was an ambush, sir. Ori soldiers made our position as soon as we stepped through the gate. I lost two men. Couple more injured.|"False" Reynolds to Hank Landry|Dominion}}
    Reynolds and his team were part of a false memory implanted into Vala Mal Doran so that she could fool her daughter Adria, the leader of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way, into thinking that she had left the SGC. In these false memories, SG-1 stopped supporting Vala because they thought that Adria was controlling her mind by feeding her Stargate addresses of where the Ancients had allegedly hidden weapons before they ascended. This support was cut off after Reynolds and his team were immediately ambushed as they stepped through the Stargate, and two of his men were lost. Fortunately, this was all a false memory and Reynolds and his team were not actually harmed. {{Cite|SG1|Dominion}}
    {{Quote|General, a Prior arrived through the 'gate fifteen minutes ago and immediately made contact. Not...sure how, but he seemed to know we were here. He says he has no intention of harming us, just that he has a message to deliver to the leaders of our planet.|Albert Reynolds to Hank Landry about the Ver Isca Prior|Stargate: The Ark of Truth}}
    While Reynolds and his team were on P6X-437, they were approached by a Prior (Ver Isca)|Prior of the Ori who wished to talk with Earth's representatives concerning their surrender. The Prior was granted an audience with General Landry at the base, knowing full well that his powers would be nullified by the Prior disruptor. Even though the Ori Priors had seven warships in the solar system, they chose to wait for this Prior's word to attack Earth. Their best chance at gaining a huge multitude of followers to empower the Ori was to convert the planet's population to Origin, rather than destroying it. Reynolds took the Prior's orbed staff away from him and he and his team escorted him through the Stargate to SGC where he was confined. Ultimately, this Prior was exposed to the light of the Ark of Truth, which revealed the truth about the Ori's lies and evil intent. With this Prior's conversion, all other Priors in the galaxy were enlightened through the psychic links they all had through their orbed staffs, and the Ori threat in the Milky Way was ended. {{cite|SG1|The Ark of Truth}}


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  • *SG-1 Season 5|Season 5
  • **"Ascension (episode)|Ascension"
  • *SG-1 Season 7|Season 7
  • **"Fallen"
  • **"Evolution, Part 1"
  • **"Death Knell"
  • **"Lost City, Part 1"
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  • **"Zero Hour"
  • **"Prometheus Unbound"
  • **"Reckoning, Part 2"
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  • **"Stronghold"
  • **"Off the Grid"
  • **"Arthur's Mantle (episode)|Arthur's Mantle"
  • *SG-1 Season 10|Season 10
  • **"Uninvited"
  • **"Line in the Sand"
  • **"Talion"
  • **"Dominion"
  • Stargate: The Ark of Truth
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