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{{Infobox Spaceship |image=250px|The Alexandria above the Arctic ice.">250px|The Alexandria above the Arctic ice. |imageBG= |name=USS Alexandria |location= |hidep= |manufacturer=Tau'ri |designer=Tau'ri |class=Los Angeles Class attack submarine |cost= |hidet=yes |length= |width= |height= |max accel= |mglt= |max speed= |engine= |fuel= |hdsystem= |poweroutput= |power= |shield gen= |hull= |sensor=Sonar |target= |control= |navigation= |avionics= |countermeasures= |armament=Torpedo |complement= |crew= |skeleton= |passengers= |capacity= |othersystems=Periscope |hideu= |role=Aquatic warfare |address= |point of origin= |firstuse= |affiliation=United States Navy }} {{quote|Colonel, welcome aboard the Alexandria.|Alexandria's commander|Continuum}}
The USS Alexandria was a Los Angeles class submarine used by the United States Navy.

Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, the Alexandria was used to head a training operation in the Arctic, when they detected the unstable vortex of a Stargate from a satellite. They headed toward the location and found and picked up Dr. Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson, who had frostbite and had his left leg amputated. The crew, along with Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill, later picked up Colonel Cameron Mitchell#Alternate timelines|Cameron Mitchell and Colonel Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter, after they discovered their timeline was altered. {{Cite|SG1|Continuum}}

Known Crew

  • CDR Michael Bernacchi
  • CMDCM(SS) Wesley K. Koshoffer
  • LCDR Jason M. Geddes
  • LTjg Alan M. Roche
  • Behind the scenes

    The submarine used in the filming of Stargate: Continuum was in fact the Alexandria and the crew of the vessel was played by the actual Alexandria crew.

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