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Alien race (Resurgence)

Alien race (Resurgence)

{{Unnamed race}}
thumb|250px|A Berzerker drone, after which the race was named.">thumb|250px|A Berzerker drone, after which the race was named. This unnamed alien race developed the Berzerker drones found in the Unnamed galaxy (Pain)|second galaxy that was visited by the Destiny expedition|Destiny expedition. The drones were initially discovered by the Ursini, who accidentally awakened them. The Ursini had been at war with the drones since then, though they believed the race who initially built them to be long extinct. {{cite|SGU|Deliverance}}


  • Berzerker drone
  • Control Ship
  • Behind the Scenes

    On Joseph Mallozzi's [http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/ blog], one of the possibilities the writers had were that the creators of the drones was perhaps made by the time displaced descendants from the Novus colony. Category:Extinct races>Category:Extinct races Category:Unseen Races>Category:Unseen Races