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Amun's Ha'tak

Amun's Ha'tak

{{Infobox Spaceship
|name=Amun's Ha'tak
|max accel=
|max speed=
  • Sublight engines
  • Goa'uld hyperdrive
  • |fuel=Naquadah |hdsystem=Goa'uld hyperdrive|Interstellar |poweroutput= |power=Naquadah reactor |shield gen=Goa'uld shields |hull= |sensor=Goa'uld sensors |target= |control=Pel'tak |navigation= |avionics= |countermeasures= |armament=Staff cannons |complement=Death Gliders |crew=12 people |skeleton=2 people |passengers=10,000 Jaffa |capacity= |othersystems=Transportation rings |hideu= |role= Warship |firstuse= |affiliation=
  • Goa'uld
  • *Amun
  • }} Amun's Ha'tak is a Ha'tak that belonged to Amun.


    The Ha'tak arrived in orbit of P3X-314 with ten thousand Jaffa on board. {{Cite|SG-1|Unleashed Ep 1}}
    In Amun's throne room, Sekhmet (Goa'uld)|Sekhmet brought Samantha Carter aboard and questioned her with her Kara kesh then sent her back to her Sekhmet's dungeons|dungeons. Sam escaped her cell and ended up back on the Ha'tak by its Transportation rings. Sekhmet and Amun talked about the Gate of Duat and the Seven Arrows of Sekhmet. When Amun refused to give her the arrow he had in his possession, Sekhmet attacked him and then had Amun's First Prime Khufu (Jaffa)|Khufu become her own First Prime. Amun and Sam escaped the Ha'tak together. {{Cite|SG-1|Unleashed Ep 2}}
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