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{{Infobox Character
|race=Goa'uld queen
|home planet=
|gender=Agender (female personality)
|rank=Goa'uld Queen|Queen
|allegiances=Ba'al, formerly Ra
|appearances="Stargate Worlds"
Anat was a Goa'uld queen.


Background Information

She was worshipped in ancient Egypt as a warrior deity until she was imprisoned by her 'father', the Supreme System Lord Ra for an offense which has been long forgotten. Ra secretly placed the stasis jar|canopic jar which held Anat on Cerador while he still laid claim to the world. He was quite content when Kali took the planet as he realized that, when Anat finally awoke, her lust for power and battle would set her against Kali rather than himself. It was thought that, if an SG team was able to find the canopic jar and free Anat, they may have a valuable—if slightly unpredictable and untrustworthy—ally against Kali. If she were ever freed, she would seek out the first available host without caring who, or indeed what, they were. {{Cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}
Anat later appeared in the service of Ba'al where she served as his queen, giving birth to the Goa'uld of the New Mind movement. {{Cite|SGW}}

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