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Ancient fleet

Ancient fleet

{{Fleet |image= |name=Ancient fleet |type= |founder= |founded= |fragmented= |reorganized= |dissolved=Following the First siege of Atlantis|siege of Atlantis<ref name="Before I Sleep">{{cite|SGA|Before I Sleep}}
</ref> |restored= |headquarter=Atlantis<ref name="Before I Sleep" /> |location= |commander= |officers=
  • Captain Helia<ref name="The Return 1">{{cite|SGA|The Return, Part 1}}
  • General Hippaforalkus<ref name="Inferno">{{cite|SGA|Inferno}}
  • |crew= |flagship= |capital=
  • Pride of the Genii|Avenger<ref name="Legacy">{{cite|SGA|Legacy}}
  • Aurora<ref name="Aurora">{{cite|SGA|Aurora}}
  • Orion|Hippaforalkus<ref name="Inferno" />
  • Tria<ref name="The Return 1" />
  • |starfighters= |ground= |naval= |campaigns=Lantean-Wraith war<ref name="Before I Sleep" /> |battles=Siege of Atlantis<ref name="Before I Sleep" /> |affiliation=Ancient Domain<ref name="Before I Sleep" /> }} The Ancient/Lantean fleet was one of the most advanced fleets known to exist, existing not only in the Alteran Home Galaxy|home galaxy of the Ancients, but also the Milky Way and later Pegasus galaxy|galaxies. It is likely that the spaceship|ships listed here were not the only ships to be constructed by the Ancients, and we know very little about the Ancient ships built before and after they lived in the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxy.

    Ancient spaceships

    Alteran Era

  • Alteran ship
  • Milky Way Era

  • Seed ship
  • Destiny
  • *Ancient shuttle|Shuttle
  • Pegasus Era

  • Aurora-class battleship|Aurora-class battleship
  • *Aurora (destroyed)
  • *Orion|Hippaforalkus (Renamed "Orion" by the Atlantis expedition) (destroyed)
  • *Tria (abandoned in the galactic void by the Atlantis expedition)
  • *Traveler Aurora-class battleship|Traveler Aurora-class battleship (destroyed)
  • City-ship
  • *Atlantis - Capital city of the Ancient Domain in the Pegasus Galaxy
  • *The Tower (status unknown)
  • *Discenna (abandoned)
  • *Admah (destroyed)
  • Ancient freighter|Freighter
  • Puddle Jumper
  • *Escape Jumper
  • *Experimental Jumper
  • *Jumper 1
  • *Jumper 2
  • *Jumper 3
  • *Jumper 4
  • *Jumper 6
  • *Jumper 8
  • *Michael's Jumper
  • *Rescue Jumper
  • *Time Jumper
  • Ancient science vessel|Science vessel
  • *Adaris
  • Ancient transport ship|Transport ship
  • Lantean cruiser|Cruiser
  • *Pride of the Genii|Avenger (Renamed "Pride of the Genii" by the Genii)
  • Return to Milky Way

  • Time Jumper
  • Notes and references

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