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Antigravity device

Antigravity device

{{Infobox Technology
|name=Antigravity Device
  • Nox
  • Suspected to be Goa'uld{{Ref|<ref name="DVD20">Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 20</ref>}}
  • |designer= |function=Negating gravity |control= |material= |size=Height: 80 centimeters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD20" />}}
    <br />Width: 35 centimeters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD20" />}}
    |weight= |power=Unknown |affiliation=
  • Rogue N.I.D. (formerly)
  • Nox
  • }} The Antigravity device is a device that negates the effect of gravity upon itself and presumably objects connected to it. This creates an effect of levitation. To create the anti-gravitational field underneath it, it utilizes super-conducted gyroscopic action. {{Cite|sg1|Shades of Grey}}
    thumb|left|Concept art for the device.">thumb|left|Concept art for the device.

    Behind the scenes

  • Concept art reveals the device to be Nox in origin, though this is not brought up in the episode directly. The Nox are one of the three races who had reported technology stolen.
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