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Aris Boch

Aris Boch

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{{Infobox Character |name=Aris Boch |image=250px">250px |race=Ilempiri |gender=Male |home planet=Atropos |rank=Bounty hunter |allegiances=Ilempiri, Himself, Goa'uld (past) |relationship with SG-1= |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
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  • |actor=Sam J. Jones }} {{Quote|Aris Boch has endeared himself to the Goa'uld by being unscrupulous. He indiscriminately hunts both guilty and innocent, only caring about whether they have any trading value.|Korra|Deadman Switch}}
    Aris Boch was a male Ilempiri bounty hunter whose native species had a biological resistance to Goa'uld blending and, thus, could not be taken as hosts.


    Background information

    thumb|left|Aris Boch in his full armor.">thumb|left|Aris Boch in his full armor. The Goa'uld Empire enslaved the race, and made them dependent on a drug called Roshna, which kept them subjugated, only Goa'uld could produce it. He possesses a unique weapon, which is a modified Transphase Eradication Rod|TER gun, and a previously unseen form of armor that shields him from Zat'nik'tel shots. Aris Boch worked for Sokar, and his payment would be a supply of Roshna, which he would receive upon the successful capture of his bounty. Though he does this, he does demonstrate a hatred for the Goa'uld, but saw no means of fighting them, and thus resigned himself to his fate as their servant. {{Cite|SG1|Deadman Switch}}


    He encountered SG-1 on the planet PJ6-877 while hunting the Tok'ra Korra. He captured SG-1 and forced them to help him capture Korra. When the difference between the Tok'ra and the Goa'uld was explained to him, he agreed to let Teal'c take his place. They left in a Tel'tak but he Self-destructed it in midair and escaped in the escape pods, even though this made him an enemy of Sokar. As a result, he stated he would have to assist other Goa'uld to get the Roshna he needs to survive. {{Cite|SG1|Deadman Switch}}
    On a mission shortly after their encounter with Aris Boch, SG-1 learned that the Goa'uld System Lord Mat had set the bounty upon SG-1. Her goal was to force them into the Trial of Ra, something a Goa'uld mercenary succeeded in doing. During the mission, Major Samantha Carter remembered Boch's lack of any real intelligence on Dr. Daniel Jackson beyond him opening the Stargate such as Boch believing Daniel to be a medical doctor and his lack of knowledge of the fact that Daniel helped to kill Ra and stir a rebellion on Abydos. It was eventually revealed that Boch's knowledge of SG-1 came from Mat's bounty and Mat's intelligence on Daniel's role on the team was lacking as it came from Amaunet who was deceived by her host Sha're into the extent of Daniel's role in things. {{cite|SG1|The Barque of Heaven}}




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  • Vehicles

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  • Notes

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  • Aris' center collar piece is that of Flash Gordon's rocketship. Sam J. Jones, who plays Aris Boch, is best known for playing Flash Gordon in the 1980 film Flash Gordon.
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