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Arlos Kadawam

Arlos Kadawam

{{Infobox Character|
name=Arlos Kadawam
|race=Arlos' people
|home planet=Arlos' World
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "The Ties That Bind"
  • |actor=Wallace Shawn ||hidep = y}} Arlos Kadawam was a scientist that was studying the Kor mak bracelets.



    Vala Mal Doran, who was at some time working with him, stole these bracelets together with a Arlos Kadawam's necklace|necklace belonging to Arlos Kadawam's mother|his mother. SG-1 retrieved the necklace but Arlos was unable to help, though he did think the bond would wear off eventually. {{Cite|SG1|The Ties That Bind}}
    {{DEFAULTSORT:Kadawam, Arlod}}
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