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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

{{Quote|Look, it's an A.I. - an artificial intelligence - it can think for itself, adapt itself to new situations...|Rodney McKay about the Wraith computer virus|The Intruder}}
Artificial Intelligence is the evolving, self-aware intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science which aims to create it. Many, if not all, androids and machines that can think independently are run by an AI.


Many advanced technologies contain an artificial intelligence of some form - only those with a significant A.I. programs are listed here


  • Altairan Androids can process a digital copy of a human mind, but have not been shown to run any man-made A.I. programs.
  • Ancients

  • Destiny and its associated Seed ships possess Destiny AI|A.I.s allowing them to plot their own courses through a largely unexplored universe, avoiding unpredicted anomalies and defending themselves when necessary along the way. They can also determine how long it will take individuals to find and collect resources, based on the resource's position from the gate.
  • Hologram#Ancient|Ancient holograms have been shows to be fully interactive with humans, and can make eye contact and answer questions to make them easier to communicate with. They have been shown to be able to turn human questions into database queries and extract relevant information in a similar manner to humans and Ancients themselves. {{cite|SG1|The Pegasus Project}}
  • : In an alternate timeline, the Tau'ri were able to program Dr. Rodney McKay's knowledge and personality into a hologram to be run on Atlantis' projection systems, but it is unknown if the software behind it was Ancient or not. Due to the amount of knowledge the hologram possessed, it is possible that some form of neural interface was used to copy McKay's mind - the Ancients have been proven to possess such technology, as have the Asgard (though the side effects of the Asgard technology have not been seen). The Tau'ri would have had access to both technologies. Either way, it shows that Ancient computers are powerful enough to simulate the human mind, and so it is possible that the Ancients at least had the ability to create computer simulations of anyone's mind. {{Cite|SGA|The Last Man}}
  • Asurans, creations of the Ancients, have the ability to learn and to communicate in an entirely human way. Individual members of their society can form their own personalities and beliefs, and can perfectly imitate humans when they wish or when they are programmed to. They are shown to have a great understanding of the human mind in general, and even by simply reading the mind of someone who knows an individual they can simulate them with great detail and believability. They can also be programmed for military purposes to become almost unstoppable warriors, or scatter into individual nanites to kill or heal living organisms or read the minds of Humans. {{cite|SGA|This Mortal Coil|Outcast}}
  • Asgard

  • In a similar way to Altairan Androids, Asgard computers can process a human (or Asgard) mind, but the Asgard have not been seen to create any artificial consciousnesses of their own. {{Cite|SG1|Unending}}
  • Replicators

  • The Replicators possessed massively complex artificial intelligence program which allowed them to work as a group to achieve goals such as taking over ships, constructing their own, and advancing their own technology by analyzing any new technology they found. Presumably by analyzing remnants or plans of Asurans, the Replicators were able to create their own seemingly identical Human-form Replicator|nanite bodies. {{Cite|SG1|Unnatural Selection}}
  • Sekkari

  • The Sekkari Sekkari artificial intelligence|artificial intelligence was incredibly advanced. Not only could it simulate human behavior, but it could access the minds of others and judge their probable responses to situations. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}
  • Wraith

  • The Wraith created a Wraith computer virus|computer virus which possessed an A.I capable of controlling the Daedalus and making tactical decisions about how to take full control. {{Cite|SGA|The Intruder}}
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