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Arxantia, meaning Ancient Fortress, was an Ancient city on the planet Kinahhi (planet)|Kinahhi.


Millenia ago, the Ancients lived in the city before many achieved Ascension. The Ancients left behind a great deal of their technology in the city and the Arxanti people who possessed the Ancient Technology Activation gene and believed themselves to be defended from the Ancients. When the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al took control of the planet, he destroyed Arxantia. After Ba'al was forced off of the planet, his slaves, the Kinahhi (people)|Kinahhi, tried to settle in the former Ancient city of Libnah but triggered a biological defense system that killed hundreds of thousands of people. The Kinahhi blamed the Arxanti who they dubbed the Mar'bal and slaughtered thousands of them. Over the next fifty years, the Arxanti settled in the ruins of Arxantia, sustained in great part by the surviving Ancient technology in the city such as an Ancient healing device. However, the Kinahhi plundered the ruins for the technology held within such as the sheh-fet. In 2003, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c landed on the continent containing the ruined city after being forced to flee SG-1's Tel'tak|their Tel'tak as it crashed. Found by the Arxanti, the three men were led to the ruined city where the Arxanti used the healing device to treat their injuries and explained their history. Kinahhi soldiers followed SG-1 to the city, but their attack triggered an automated defense mechanism which caused everyone without the ATA gene to suffer violent hallucinations, bringing the attack to an end. After convincing the soldiers to help them, SG-1 and the Arxanti left the city to head to Tsapan. {{cite|SG1|The Cost of Honor}}
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