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Asuran pistol

Asuran pistol

{{Infobox Weapon
|name=Asuran pistol
|model=Personal weapon
|type=Energy weapon
|discharge=Energy pulse
|power=Ancient crystal power cell{{Ref|<ref name="DVD87">Stargate Atlantis: The DVD Collection 87</ref>}}
|size= |weight= |range=15 meters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD87" />}}
|affiliation=Asurans }} The Asuran pistol was an energy-based handheld weapon used by the Asurans. The weapon discharges a blue energy burst and has two settings, stun and kill, similar to how a Particle magnum|Traveler Particle Magnum operates. The weapon has proven to be ineffective against the shield of a Puddle Jumper. {{Cite|ATL|Progeny|The Return, Part 2|Lifeline|This Mortal Coil}}


<gallery> The Asuran Neutralizer prop. The Asuran Neutralizer. An Asuran holding one of their Neutralizer pistols. </gallery>


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