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Athosian Ritual Set

Athosian Ritual Set

{{Infobox Technology
|name=Athosian Ritual Set
|function=Ritual set for Athosian death prayer
The Athosian Ritual Set is an Athosian set of ritualistic tools used by the Athosians when saying a ritual prayer over those who are near death.


When John Sheppard|Sheppard's Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team was trapped in the back of a Puddle Jumper stuck in the event horizon of a Spacegate. Halling asked Doctor|Dr. Elizabeth Weir if he would be allowed o perform the ritual for Teyla Emmagan but Dr. Weir refused citing that doing so would simply tell everyone in the Jumper that they would all die. {{Cite|ATL|Thirty-Eight Minutes}}


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