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Attack on Ursini colony

Attack on Ursini colony

{{Infobox Battle |prev=Drone attack on Ursini spaceships |conc= |next=Drone attack on Destiny |name=Attack on Ursini colony |image= |conflict=Ursini-Drone war |date=Unknown |place=Ursini colony |result=Destruction of colony |side1=Ursini |side2=
  • Control Ship
  • *Berzerker drones
  • |commanders1=Unknown |commanders2=Control Ship |forces1=Unknown number of Ursini |forces2=
  • One Control Ship
  • * Hundreds of Berzerker drones
  • |casual1=
  • Entire population
  • Entire colony
  • |casual2=None }} Attack on Ursini colony took place between Ursini and Control Ship and Berzerker drone on the Ursini colony in an unnamed galaxy (Pain)|unnamed galaxy.



    Some time after that a group of Ursini left the colony to find an advanced technology that could help them defeat their enemy. The group found an injured Seed ship who ran around in space. {{cite|SGU|Deliverance}}


    A Control Ship had found the colony and discovered there was advanced technology. It then launched hundreds of Berzerker drones against the colony and Ursini population fought back to defend themselves but the drones were too powerful. All the Ursini defenses were destroyed by the drones. {{cite|SGU|Deliverance}}


    When the battle was over, the entire colony and its population wiped out by the Control Ship. The ship remained in orbit after the battle only until the Ursini on the Seed ship tried to contact the colony, but led the ship to control them. {{cite|SGU|Deliverance}}
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