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  • }} Australia is a country on Earth in the Southern hemisphere.


    thumb|left|200px|Australian flag">thumb|left|200px|Australian flag According to Dr. Daniel Jackson, the British had once colonized Australia, where they turned Botany Bay into a continental prison. {{Cite|sg1|Prisoners}}
    Australia was one of the countries who sent personnel to Atlantis, and is a member of the Gate Alliance Treaty. {{Cite|SGA|Rising}}

    Alternate realities

  • In an alternate timeline which was created by Ba'al#Alternate timelines|Ba'al in which the Stargate Program never existed, he sent his fleet to Earth in 2009, where he forced Camulus#Alternate tiemlines|Camulus to take Australia as his domain, at least half of which would house the Free Jaffa Nation. {{Cite|SC}}
  • Behind the scenes

  • Claudia Black was originally born in Sydney in this country.
  • Australia has only been mentioned three times throughout the Stargate Franchise. {{Cite|SG1|Prisoners|comma=}}
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