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Minos (formerly)
|origin=P6H-970 (present), Unknown (past)
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The Baellanid are Minos that turn into the Baellanid if they aren't treated when they go through the The Curse (Minos)|transformation. This was caused due to the Goa'uld experimenting on the Minos long ago and gave them an inherited trait that transformed them into the Baellanid.


When the Minos is undergoing transformation, their instinct is to flee and hide until the transformation is complete. Family and friends appear as enemies. Vile creatures out to kill them rather than save them. The Baellanid transformation is both mental and physical. The Minos loses themself and their horns. The genetic sequencing that causes the change is placed deeply in the Minos' makeup. The genetic foundations that make the Minos people instead of animals.


Long ago, the Goa'uld heavily experimented on the Minos with tests that often proved fatal. The population quickly dwindled until Goa'uld Genetics|Geneticists succeeded in creating an inherited trait that would cause the Minos to transform into the Baellanid, which were terrible machines of war. The Minos call this transformation "The Curse (Minos)|The Curse". Centuries ago, Puck, Oberon, and Titania, helped free the Minos from the Goa'uld, and Puck developed a serum that would halt the change, as long it's injected just prior to the transformation. In 2002, Puck was working to remove the genetic sequencing that caused the change, but the sequencing was placed deep within them. Fleura had a mutation in her genes that caused the transformation to come early. She tried to flee but was caught by Kulera. A Minos gave Fleura an injection which stopped her transformation. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}
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