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Bantos rod

Bantos rod

{{Infobox Weapon
|name=Bantos rod
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| manufacturer=Athosian
| model=Personal weapon
| type=Blunt weapon
| cost=
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| weight=
| range=Close range
| affiliation=
  • Athosians
  • Tau'ri
  • }}Bantos rods, also known as fighting sticks, are the primary weapons used in Bantos fighting. Traditionally, each combatant carries two sticks (or rods), one in each hand, but it is not unheard of to use only one rod, and leave one hand free. {{cite|ATL|Sunday}}
    Teyla Emmagan, an expert at Bantos fighting, was able to use a blade and a stick in lieu of the Bantos rods. {{cite|atl|Missing}}
    A bokken is a longer two-handed weapon compared to the short one-handed bantos rods, though this may not be an error. Many Earth weapon-oriented martial arts often teach multiple weapons and the bokken-like rods being used may simply be another weapon taught in Bantos fighting.  Another possibility is that they are not used an Bantos fighting and are actually weapons from another martial art style.  Teyla Emmagan is never seen using them while they appear to be a favorite of Ronon Dex. {{cite|ATL|Duet|Sunday|Midway}}

    Behind the scenes

  • As a way to literally 'take the edge off' blade training, these rods bear a resemblance to the training tools of chivalric knights, and the Kendo stick.
  • The fighting style used with Bantos rods closely resemble Eskrima, the Filipino martial art of stick fighting.
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