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Battle of Netu

Battle of Netu

{{Infobox Triple Battle |prev=Skirmish with Ke'ra<ref>{{Cite|SG1|Past and Present}}
</ref> |conc= |next=Stragoth's takeover of Stargate Command<ref>{{Cite|SG1|Foothold}}
</ref> |name=Battle of Netu |image=300px|The Battle of Netu saw the end of [[Sokar">300px|The Battle of Netu saw the end of [[Sokar.]] |conflict=
  • Tau'ri-Goa'uld War<ref name="Jolinar's Memories">{{Cite|SG1|Jolinar's Memories}}
  • Tok'ra insurgency<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • |date=1999<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" /> |place=
  • Delmak system<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Delmak<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Netu<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • |result=
  • Tau'ri/Tok'ra victory<ref name="TDYK">{{Cite|SG1|The Devil You Know}}
  • *Jacob Carter and Selmak are successfully rescued<ref name="TDYK" />
  • *Death of Sokar<ref name="TDYK" /> and Bynarr<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Netu is destroyed<ref name="TDYK" />
  • Apophis is revealed to be alive and escapes Sokar's Ha'tak to Delmak and takes command of Sokar's domain thus returning to position of power<ref name="TDYK" />
  • |side1=
  • Tau'ri<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Tok'ra<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • |side2=Goa'uld Empire<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" /> |side3=Inhabitants of Netu<ref name="TDYK" /> |commanders1=Colonel Jack O'Neill<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" /> |commanders2=
  • Sokar<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Bynarr<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • |commanders3=Apophis<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" /> |forces1=
  • 1 Tel'tak<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Tok'ra Tel'tak<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • SG-1<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Martouf/Lantash<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Jacob Carter/Selmak<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Aldwin {{c|Late}}
    <ref name="TDYK" />
  • |forces2=
  • 1 Ha'tak<ref name="TDYK" />
  • *Sokar's Ha'tak<ref name="TDYK" />
  • Several Death Gliders<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • 2 Goa'uld<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Sokar<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Bynarr<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • Many Jaffa, including:<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • *Jumar<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />
  • |forces3=
  • 300 followers, including:<ref name="TDYK" />
  • *Kintac<ref name="TDYK" />
  • |casual1=None |casual2=All forces orbiting Netu<ref name="TDYK" /> |casual3=All but Apophis<ref name="TDYK" />}} {{Quote|By all means. To Hell with us.|Colonel Jack O'Neill|Jolinar's Memories}}
    The Battle of Netu was a battle that occurred on and over the prison moon of Netu in 1999 when SG-1 and the Tok'ra Martouf went to rescue Jacob Carter.


    On a mission sometime before her death, Jolinar of Malkshur was captured by Sokar and imprisoned on Netu. After being held there for an unknown period of time, she seduced the Goa'uld Underlord Bynarr who ruled the moon and escaped by stealing his Transportation rings|ring transporter control, using the rings to escape to Delmak and then stealing Tok'ra Tel'tak|a Tel'tak. Out of shame for her actions, Jolinar never told anyone how she managed to escape. Knowing that Sokar was gathering a massive amount of power, the Tok'ra sent Jacob Carter and his symbiote Selmak to infiltrate Sokar's forces and find out just how much power he'd gained. Jacob was caught and sent to Netu which the Tok'ra learned of. Needing his information and hoping to rescue him, the Tok'ra sent Martouf to enlist SG-1's help as Jacob's daughter, Major Samantha Carter was the last host of Jolinar and thus with the help of the memory recall device, could learn how Jolinar escaped so they could too. SG-1 and Major General George S. Hammond agreed to the mission and the team flew to Netu in the Tel'tak Jolinar had stolen, along the way attempting to learn how she escaped and failing. Eventually arriving at Netu, Martouf, Carter, Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson used the ship's escape pods to travel to Netu's surface while Teal'c remained behind to pilot the ship.<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" />


    thumb|left|200px|The surface of [[Netu">thumb|left|200px|The surface of [[Netu.]] On Netu, the team is captured by the inhabitants on Bynarr's orders after Major Samantha Carter identifies herself as a former host of Jolinar of Malkshur|Jolinar as he is still bitter about what Jolinar did to him. In the cells, they find Jacob Carter who passes on the information that Sokar has a force ten times more powerful than the Tok'ra believed and plans to attack six key System Lords, a fight that he will win, to Teal'c through a Short range communicator. When Bynarr reports in to Sokar on the team's arrival on the moon, Sokar realizes there must be a ship nearby that brought them and dispatches Death Gliders to find it. thumb|right|200px|[[Na'onak">thumb|right|200px|[[Na'onak reveals himself to be Apophis.]] Shortly after this, Carter is taken before Bynarr and remembers how Jolinar escaped by using him. Bynarr goes to kill her in revenge, but is shot from behind by his First Prime, Na'onak with a Ma'Tok staff|staff weapon before he can. Bynarr's death causes an uprising amongst the inhabitants and SG-1, Martouf and Jacob are able to use the distraction to escape to the rings which they plan to use by having Teal'c intercept the matter stream so they arrive on the ship rather than Delmak. However, Teal'c is under attack by two Death Gliders in space and Na'onak blasts the door open with a Kara kesh before they can activate the rings.<ref name="Jolinar's Memories" /> After capturing them, Na'onak reveals himself to be the believed-dead Apophis, resurrected through a sarcophagus by Sokar. After Apophis sends Teal'c a threatening message, he flees into hyperspace to travel to Vorash for help from the Tok'ra. Deeply disturbed by the information on Sokar's forces, the Tok'ra send Aldwin with Tok'ra moon destabilizer|a weapon to kill Sokar as he can't be allowed to gain power over the other System Lords. The weapon, once fired into Netu's core, will cause a cataclysmic chain reaction that will cause the moon to explode twelve minutes later. As the inhabitants are rebelling, Sokar will take Sokar's Ha'tak|his Ha'tak into orbit to quell the uprising from orbit before launching his attack on the System Lords, rendering his ship vulnerable to the explosion. Hoping to rescue his friends, Teal'c agrees to go along with the plan and pilot the ship back to Netu. On Netu, Apophis makes Kintac his First Prime and announces to the inhabitants of Netu that he will kill Sokar and deliver them from the Hell they are in. To this end, he tortures SG-1 and Martouf with the Blood of Sokar for information he can use when Sokar arrives to get an audience with him to pretend to want to be the new Lord of Netu and then he will use a concealed blade in his forearm ornament to assassinate Sokar and take his place. Apophis tortures Doctor Daniel Jackson for information on where his Harcesis child Shifu is, Colonel Jack O'Neill on how to contact the Asgard, Carter on the IDC needed to get past the Earth Stargate's iris and Martouf for the location of the Tok'ra base. Despite his use of the memory device and the Blood of Sokar to induce hallucinations, everyone sees right through the hallucinations and gives Apophis nothing, except Martouf who lies that the Tok'ra are on Entac. After being tortured, Jackson manages to get the short-range communicator back and call Teal'c who arrives in orbit. Despite Teal'c's wishes, Aldwin launches the weapon into Netu's core, destabilizing it. thumb|left|200px|[[Netu">thumb|left|200px|[[Netu is destroyed.]] Knowing that they only have twelve minutes to escape, SG-1 fills a vent with rocks which blows off the top of the cage and quickly make their way to Bynarr's quarters to access the rings while Teal'c overpowers Aldwin, locks him up and starts to move the Tel'tak into position to intercept the matter stream from the rings. At the same time, Apophis tells Sokar of where Martouf told him where to find the Tok'ra base, but Sokar had recently conquered Entac and thus knew there were no Tok'ra there. Sokar has Apophis tortured until Jumar informs him that Netu's core is going critical. Apophis uses the opportunity to kill the Jaffa torturing him and Jumar with his blade, but when he tries to shoot Sokar with a staff weapon, Sokar blocks the blast with his personal shield and Apophis is forced to flee. SG-1, Martouf and Jacob activate the rings in time and make it safely to the Tel'tak which Teal'c flies away from Netu as Sokar's ship fires on it. Netu explodes, destroying Sokar's ship and killing Sokar while the Tel'tak makes it safely away.<ref name="TDYK" />


    Jacob Carter, who was badly injured by his time on Netu, recovers from his injuries and Sokar's plans for galactic domination are stopped with his death. However, unknown to anyone until months later, Apophis managed to use the Transportation rings|rings on Sokar's Ha'tak to escape to Delmak before Netu exploded. There he took control of Sokar's forces, restoring Apophis to a position of power once more and making him more powerful than ever.<ref name="TDYK" />


  • This battle is one of the very few times the Tok'ra break their policy of not attacking System Lords directly to kill Sokar. The only other two known times are the Battle of the Vorash system when they tried to kill Apophis with a supernova and the System Lord Summit where they tried to use symbiote poison to assassinate the entire System Lord leadership.
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  • Stargate SG-1
  • *SG-1 Season 3|Season 3
  • **"Jolinar's Memories"
  • **"The Devil You Know"
  • **"Maternal Instinct" {{m}}
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