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{{Infobox Character
|home planet=
|appearances=Stargate Roleplaying Game
  • "A Matter of Fae"
  • "United"
  • |actor= }} Bowjin is a minos commoner and diplomat. He's the father of Fleura. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae|United}}


    Background information

    Several years prior to 2002, Bowjin's wife and brother perished in a fire. He wears their horns. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}


    In August 2002, Bowjin's daughter Fleura began her change into Baellanid unnaturally soon, due to a gene mutation. Bowjin and others searched for her after her instincts told her to flee. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}
    Phoenix-1 met Bowjin during the search and Oringo led him to where he had saw her. The group then ran through the alley to chase after her. Bowjin helped another minos who Oringo nearly knocked over and let him know it was his daughter's time, which the man then informed him where he had saw the child. They continued following after her through a herd of goat-like animals. After she was caught by Kulera, Bowjin spoke to his daughter, then another minos injected her the treatment and she fell unconscious. He picked her up and showed Phoenix-1 the way to the Souvlaki Lounge, then left to take Fleura home. <ref>[https://stargatetherpg.com/forums/topic/2003-official-episode-3-mission-wrap-up/ Stargatetherpg Official Episode 3 Mission Wrap Up]</ref>


    In 2003, Bowjin was among the five minos warriors Puck brought to assist Phoenix Site that was under attack by Wepwawet's Jaffa. {{Cite|RPG2|United}}



  • Crossbow
  • Polearm
  • Other equipment

  • Leather armor
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