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Boy (Instinct)

Boy (Instinct)

{{Unnamed individual}}
{{Infobox Character |name=Boy |image=250px">250px |race=Zaddik's people |home planet=Zaddik's homeworld |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank= |allegiances= |appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "Instinct"
  • |actor=Nico McEown }} Boy was a male Tau'ri from Zaddik's homeworld.



    As Dr. Rodney McKay was preparing to hunt the Daimos, this boy approached him and excitedly questioned McKay about the hunt. The boy tells McKay that his uncle would always say to him that if he didn't do his chores, the Daimos would eat him. An annoyed McKay told the boy that if they killed the Daimos, he would never have to do his chores again and the boy ran off, excited by the prospect of this. {{cite|SGA|Instinct}}
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