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Capture of Ba'al

Capture of Ba'al

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</ref> |name=Capture of Ba'al |image= |conflict=Ba'al's Campaign<ref name="Continuum">Stargate: Continuum</ref> |date=2008<ref name="Continuum"/> |place=Milky Way galaxy<ref name="Continuum"/> |result=
  • Tau'ri victory<ref name="Continuum"/>
  • *Extraction of the last Ba'al symbiote and fall of the last System Lord and the Death of Ba'al on the Achilles|effective end of Ba'al in 1939<ref name="Continuum"/>
  • |side1=Tau'ri<ref name="Continuum"/> |side2=Goa'uld remnant<ref name="Continuum"/> |commanders1=Colonel Cameron Mitchell <ref name="Continuum"/> |commanders2=Ba'al clone (Continuum)<ref name="Continuum"/> |forces1=
  • SG-1<ref name="Continuum"/>
  • SG-3<ref name="Continuum"/>
  • |forces2=Ba'al clone (Continuum)<ref name="Continuum"/> |casual1= |casual2=Ba'al clone (Continuum)<ref name="Continuum"/> }} {{Quote|We tracked them all, sir. This one is the last one.|Samantha Carter|Stargate: Continuum}}
    In the aftermath of the Great Enlightenment, the final clone of Ba'al was captured by the Tau'ri sometime in 2008 by the Tau'ri for extraction by the Tok'ra.


    {{Quote|Well, as you know, in order to track his clones, Ba'al gave each of them a tracking device detectable from anywhere in the galaxy. Now he also placed one in himself, so we wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a clone and the original.|Samantha Carter|Stargate: Continuum}}
    During Ba'al's Campaign|his campaign, the last Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al created a great number of clones to aid him in his efforts.<ref>{{cite|SG1|Ex Deus Machina}}
    </ref> Ba'al's clones helped Ba'al in his various endeavours to defeat the Ori and regain power and restore the Goa'uld Empire to it formal glory, culminating in his capturing the Orici Adria. No longer needing his clones, Ba'al wiped out most of them with symbiote poison, excluding the one that was conducting the operation, the cloned symbiote implanted into Adria and at least one other. The clone in charge and the symbiote clone were eliminated, but the Tau'ri remained unsure if they had managed to kill the real Ba'al.<ref>{{cite|SG1|Dominion}}


    {{Quote|He went ahead with SG-3 to officially hand over the prisoner.|Henry Landry on Jonathan J. O'Neill handing over Ba'al|Stargate: Continuum}}
    After the Battle in the Alteran Home Galaxy|fall of the Ori, SG-1 began hunting down any surviving Ba'al clones. Having previously learned of Ba'al having implanted a tracking device in his clones, they hunted down the last clone in existence and captured him alive. As a result of having captured the last Ba'al they knew of alive, it was decided to turn him over to the Tok'ra for extraction instead of killing him. General Jack O'Neill accompanied SG-3 to deliver the Ba'al clone to the Tok'ra who placed him in stasis until such time as they were ready for the extraction itself.<ref name="Continuum"/>


    {{Quote|Half of the free Jaffa fleet stands guard over the Tok'ra homeworld to ensure that the execution of Ba'al takes place as planned.|Teal'c|Stargate: Continuum}}

    Extraction Ceremony

    {{Quote|Behold! The last of the System Lords!|A Tok'ra Elder|Stargate: Continuum}}
    After all the participants arrived, the Tok'ra began their Extraction Ceremony where they listed all of Ba'al's crimes in a humming song that lasted for three hours to the annoyance of SG-1 and General Jack O'Neill. Eventually, after all of Ba'al's crimes were listed, the Tok'ra Elder had Ba'al removed from stasis and though he refused to speak to the Tok'ra, he agreed to speak to SG-1 and General O'Neill. Ba'al told them that they had no way of knowing if he was the last Ba'al and insisted he wasn't. Colonel Samantha Carter informed him that they had tracked him as the last Ba'al using his tracking device, but Ba'al told them he was the last clone but the real Ba'al was still out there, preparing to use a Solar observation outpost|failsafe device he had devised in case all of the clones fell. Ba'al was then led to a chair that restrained him and the symbiote extractor was activated and sent towards him. Sending its spike into Ba'al's head, the extractor removed the Ba'al symbiote from Aziru|his host who survived the process. Taking the container holding the Ba'al symbiote, the Tok'ra Elder declared "behold, the last of the System Lords" before smashing the container on the ground. The Ba'al symbiote was released and after a moment of crawling around, died, ending the reign of Ba'al and the System Lords.<ref name="Continuum"/>

    Return to Earth

    {{Quote|What do you think Ba'al was talking about when he said, "You've all made a terrible mistake?|Dr. Daniel Jackson|Stargate: Continuum}}
    After Ba'al was extracted, Colonel Cameron Mitchell was surprised that after everything, the extraction itself was quick. SG-1 later speculated on what Ba'al meant by a failsafe device, but decided that they would never find out, unaware of the changed picture of Captain Mitchell|Mitchell's grandfather standing next to himself from an alternate timeline. Having been a host herself to the Goa'uld Qetesh, Vala chose to aid Aziru|Ba'al's host in coping with what he had been through. While back on Earth, SG-1 questioned whether Ba'al or his clones were truly dead but decided it was best to move on.<ref name="Continuum"/>

    Alternate timelines

    {{Quote|There is one more thing. You've all made a terrible mistake.|Ba'al|Stargate: Continuum}}
  • In an alternate timeline, things went the same as the correct timeline's version of events did at first, but during the process, Teal'c, Vala and the Tok'ra started to disappear to the Ba'al clone's amusement. When General Jack O'Neill demanded answers from the clone, he broke free and killed O'Neill before Mitchell shot the clone dead. The remnants of SG-1 fled through the Stargate as everything disappeared around them due to the real Ba'al using his failsafe device, a time machine designed to allow him to rewrite history.<ref name="Continuum"/>
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  • Stargate: Continuum
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  • *Atlantis Season 5|Season 5
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