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thumb|right|250px|The main Cartouche Room on Abydos">thumb|right|250px|The main Cartouche Room on Abydos
A cartouche is an oval or oblong figure in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that encloses characters. The coverstones found over the Stargate in Giza, 1920s|1928 contained a cartouche with the gate coordinates for the planet Abydos. After traveling through to Abydos, Daniel Jackson found a corresponding cartouche with the gate symbols for Earth. 

After spending a month on Abydos, Daniel Jackson discovered another, much larger, cartouche that contained gate coordinates for a huge gate network. {{Cite|SG1|Children of the Gods}}
The Abydos cartouche was an extensive list of Stargate addresses, although it didn't comprise all addresses known to the Goa'uld. {{Cite|SG1|The Broca Divide}}
This cartouche was, with few exceptions, the sole source of gate addresses for the Stargate Command|SGC until Ancient list of Stargate addresses|more were downloaded into Jack O'Neill's mind from the Ancient's Repository of knowledge. {{Cite|SG1|The Fifth Race}}
The Stargate buried on Tagrea was also covered with coverstones that had a cartouche in the center. {{Cite|SG1|Memento}}

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