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Catain Ni Donall

Catain Ni Donall

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|race=People of Gleanavar
|home planet=Gleanavar
Catain Ni Donall is a female Human from the planet Gleanavar. She was a humble peasant girl who was surprised that Morrigan healed her little daughter of a deadly fever during the autumn festival, then commanded Lady Catain into the temple as one of her handmaidens. Entrust their children to her own mother care, obeyed the young woman.

She stayed in the temple for eight years, almost all Sholreds Regin, witnessed strangers defy Morrigan self on the last day of the Regin. Inspired by their example, she helped to trigger the festival riot when word came that his beloved Lady and warriors in Tau'ri needed a diversion to cover their escape. So far, no one criticized her, he cemented new Lady. If they do, she can only hope that her son and daughter will get away with the secret knowledge she has given them. {{cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}
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