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Chloe Armstrong

Chloe Armstrong

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{{Infobox Character |name=Chloe Armstrong |image=250px">250px |race=Tau'ri |home planet=Earth |gender=Female |born=1986 |died= |rank= |allegiances=Destiny expedition |appearances=Stargate Universe <small>(40 episodes)</small> |actor=Elyse Levesque }} {{Quote|I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm the last person who should be here.|Chloe Armstrong|Darkness}}
Chloe Armstrong is a Tau'ri female from Earth. She is a member of the Destiny expedition|team sent and later trapped aboard the Ancient vessel Destiny. The daughter to Senator Alan Armstrong, she had a privileged upbringing and obtained a political science degree from Harvard University. Before becoming stranded, she was a political aide to her father. 



Background information

Chloe was the daughter of California Senator Alan Armstrong and Patricia Armstrong. She studied Political Science and Earth history at Harvard. She worked for her father as his assistant and convinced him to support the Icarus project. It was her idea to embed the mathematical problem into the video game Prometheus (game)|Prometheus in order to tap into civilian minds. Some time before arriving on Destiny, she broke up with her boyfriend Josh. She once cracked a rib due to a snowboarding accident. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Earth|Justice|Human|The Hunt}}


She joined Senator Alan Armstrong during his visit to Icarus Base. Chloe began a friendship with Eli Wallace when the two met aboard the George Hammond. When the planet came under attack from three Ha'tak vessels that were controlled by the Lucian Alliance, her father was injured by a collapsing corridor, so she helped him to evacuate with the other survivors by Stargate to the Ancient ship Destiny. After her father collapsed in the Destiny Gate room|gate room, Chloe took him to one of the empty rooms to care for him. At Lt. Tamara Johansen's advice, she kept him from taking his warfarin, which was inhibiting his ability to heal his wounds. He sent her away to keep an eye on the efforts of the others, wanting to be kept in the loop. When he sacrificed himself to seal a hull breach, she was distraught, attacking Dr. Nicholas Rush for putting him in that situation. Once she was pulled off and calmed down, Rush tried to reassure her by stating that her father believed in the mission. Chloe returned to Earth using the Long-range communication device to tell her mother the news; Patricia Armstrong did not take it well. Unable to console her, Chloe returned to Destiny, where she assisted TJ in treating Dr. Jeremy Franklin's gunshot wound. She cared for the heat-exhausted Lt. Matthew Scott after he retrieved the Lime necessary to repair the life support. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Air, Part 2|Air, Part 3}}
Chloe would ask Eli Wallace to show her the Destiny shower|shower facilities aboard Destiny when he explained that they didn't use water. He stood guard at her request. When it appeared that the ship was going to collide with a Star (Light)|star, she chose to initiate a romantic liaison with Lt. Matthew Scott, telling him that he was the one person she felt closest to on the ship. After Scott departed in the working Ancient shuttle with a small group selected to escape the doomed ship, she spent the remaining time watching the star with Eli. Once the crisis was resolved, she was reunited with Scott after the shuttle returned. {{Cite|SGU|Darkness|Light}}
Chloe was chosen by Colonel Everett Young to act as his defense attorney during the inquiry regarding the death of Sgt. Spencer. Though she protested at first, her skills being ill-suited to criminal proceedings, he explained that he needed a civilian to defend him to prevent it from appearing as if the military was being pitted against the civilians. She ably defended Young despite attempts by Camile Wray to control the proceedings, insisting that proper legal procedure be followed. As a result, Wray was forced to end the trial for lack of evidence. {{cite|SGU|Justice}}
She was captured when the Nakai boarded Destiny and was held prisoner until being rescued by Dr. Nicholas Rush, who had likewise been captured after being stranded offworld by Colonel Everett Young. She warmed up to him after that, as he could have saved himself and left her behind. She also found a confidant in him, since they both had nightmares of the aliens. She joined in his mutiny against Young, since Young got rid of Rush because he was a burden, mirroring her own self-image of her place on Destiny. {{cite|SGU|Space|Divided}}
Chloe was quick to reconcile with Eli Wallace after the mutiny, who felt betrayed when she had apparently used his trust to disguise Dr. Nicholas Rush's initial attempt to gain control. She volunteered to join the mission to Eden, and wanted to stay there. Ultiamtely, she returned to Destiny when Young insisted on taking the military personnel back while allowing the civilians to stay. {{cite|SGU|Faith}}
Chloe volunteered herself as an archeologist when a Ruins planet|planet with artificial ruins was discovered. Eli Wallace was quick to back up her increasingly awkward justifications for joining. She, Eli, Lt. Matthew Scott, and MSgt. Ronald Greer were trapped in an underground cave system when Greer shot at a Giant spider and collapsed the exit tunnel. Destiny left without them. They eventually managed to find their way out, but lost Greer to another ceiling collapse. Using the Stargates, Chloe, Scott, and Eli attempted to catch up to Destiny, but without an idea of which gates went where, they ended up on the Gravel pit planet where Dr. Nicholas Rush had been stranded and then abducted by the Nakai. Eli decided to search the database of the Nakai fighter|crashed ship on the planet to get a map of the gate system. Chloe demonstrated an intuitive understanding of their Nakai language|language, though she did not consciously know what any of the symbols meant, and located the map. Using the map, they managed to get within range of Destiny, but lost it once more. Luckily for her group, the Nakai sabotaged Destiny, knocking it out of FTL and allowing them to return to the ship. Once there, Chloe joined Lt. Vanessa James in testing Dr. Adam Brody's moonshine. Upon listening to James speak of a blackout she had earlier, she realized that James had likely been taken over by one of the aliens through the Long-range communication device. {{cite|SGU|Human|Lost|Sabotage}}
When an offworld team brought Alien tick|halluciantion-causing ticks to Destiny, she was bitten by one, which caused her to hallucinate her Alan Armstrong|father, alive and well. Despite knowing the cause, she opted to use the opportunity to talk to him. Eli Wallace caught her in the act, but she convinced him to give her some time. When Lt. Matthew Scott came looking for her as a likely carrier, which she denied, Eli told him of her hallucinations and helped drag her to the Destiny infirmary|infirmary when she refused to have it removed. {{cite|SGU|Pain}}
For Lt. Tamara Johansen's baby shower, she made a baby-sized Air Force shirt (presumably she made it from a full-size shirt, indicating some sewing ability). She also comforted TJ after finding her crying alone. {{cite|SGU|Subversion}}
When the Lucian Alliance Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny|invaded Destiny, she was with Eli Wallace in the Kino room. She convinced Eli to run when the Alliance broke out of the gate room, and was shot in the leg as they fled into an Destiny elevator|elevator. Eli did the best he could to bandage the wound, which continued to bleed, and helped her walk, eventually carrying her when she could no longer stand on the leg. They wandered the ship, eventually coming upon a dead end. She admitted to him that he was the best and only real friend she ever had. Eli wordlessly admitted his own feelings for her just prior to being called away to save Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer. While he was gone, she miraculously recovered; her wound sealed up and she regained the ability to walk. Dismissing it as a non-issue in light of the invasion, she went with Eli to join Dr. Nicholas Rush and Dr. Adam Brody, who had devised a plan to retake the ship. {{cite|SGU|Incursion, Part 1|Incursion, Part 2|Intervention}}
After the invasion ended, she told Lt. Tamara Johansen about how quickly her wound had healed, which TJ believed to be impossible. {{cite|SGU|Awakening}}
As time went on, it was revealed that Chloe had been infected with a Nakai pathogen|pathogen by the Nakai, which increased her intelligence while also rendering her suspectible to their influence, prompting her to try and access secure areas of the ship to send information to the aliens while apparently sleepwalking. Although Colonel Everett Young wanted her quarantined, Dr. Nicholas Rush recognised the advantages of her current condition to act as a 'triple agent', monitoring what she tried to do so that they could pass on false information to the aliens. Rush later faked a cure for her condition using the Destiny interface chair that apparently shut down the parts of her mind responsible for making her transmit data to the aliens while allowing her to retain her new intelligence, allowing Rush to use her assistance to help him unlock the secret to controlling Destiny's Destiny Bridge|bridge. {{cite|SGU|Pathogen}}
Chloe was forced to reveal her continued infection when she gave the injured Lt. Matthew Scott a blood transfusion so that the virus's healing abilities would be passed on to him (Although the transfusion apparently weakened the virus enough to allow Scott's own system to kill it after it had dealt with his injuries). While the mutation caused her to develop alien skin where she had been injured, as the alien influence 'settled' into her mind, Chloe gradually developed the ability to control it to a degree, allowing her to deduce how to plot a new FTL course for Destiny, also apparently increasing her strength to the point where she could break a Cpl. Baras' arm. {{cite|SGU|Cloverdale|Trial and Error|Malice|Resurgence}}
During the Drone attack on Destiny|battle against the Berzerker drones, Chloe was forced to use the Nakai pathogen|pathogen to contact the Nakai for aid when Destiny was nearly overwhelmed in a fight, the Nakai drawing enough drones away for Destiny to destroy the drone Control Ship. In exchange for Destiny's aid in fighting off the next wave of drones, Colonel Everett Young requested that the Nakai remove the pathogen from Chloe, although she appears to have retained her new enhanced intellect. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence|Deliverance}}


Chloe entered a stasis pod for the trip to Unnamed galaxy (Gauntlet)|the next galaxy. {{cite|SGU|Gauntlet}}

Alternate timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, she was on the Jungle planet when the Squigglers attacked. She was killed during the first wave when a squiggler burrowed through her chest. {{cite|SGU|Time}}
  • In another alternate timeline, she was affected by the Hoth virus|alien disease brought from "Hoth" and died of it. {{cite|SGU|Time}}
  • thumb|Elderly Chloe and Matt talking about their future grandchild, recorded on kino.">thumb|Elderly Chloe and Matt talking about their future grandchild, recorded on kino.
  • In another alternate timeline, instead of choosing to return to Earth with everyone else, Chloe volunteered to remain behind on Destiny as part of the group that were staying to complete the mission. When things got too unstable, she and the rest of the volunteers headed through the Stargate too, but like everyone else except for Colonel David Telford#Alternate timelines|David Telford, didn't make it to Earth and was presumed dead. However, she ended up on a planet that he and other survivors called Novus, 2,000 years in the past. There, she married Lt. Matthew Scott#Alternate timelines|Matthew Scott and had children with him. {{cite|SGU|Twin Destinies|Common Descent|Epilogue}}
  • Appearances

    {| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Chloe Armstrong |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate Universe
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Air, Part 1"
  • **"Air, Part 2"
  • **"Air, Part 3"
  • **"Darkness"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Corridor Conversation"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Light"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Don't Encourage Him" {{m}}
  • **"Nobody Cares"
  • **"Chloe's Room" {{m}}
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Water (episode)|Water"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"You Okay?"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Earth (episode)|Earth"
  • **"Time" <small>(Alternate timeline duplicates only)</small>
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"New Kind of Crazy" {{m}}
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Life"
  • **"Justice"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Not Being There"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Space"
  • **"Divided"
  • **"Faith"
  • **"Human (episode)|Human"
  • **"Lost"
  • **"Sabotage"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Drop the Sirs" {{m}}
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Pain"
  • **"Subversion"
  • **"Incursion, Part 1"
  • **"Incursion, Part 2"
  • *Universe Season 2|Season 2
  • **"Intervention"
  • **"Aftermath"
  • **"Awakening"
  • **"Pathogen"
  • **"Cloverdale" <small>(Also dream)</small>
  • **"Trial and Error" <small>(Also simulation)</small>
  • **"The Greater Good"
  • **"Malice"
  • **"Visitation"
  • **"Resurgence"
  • **"Deliverance"
  • **"Twin Destinies" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Alliances"
  • **"Hope"
  • **"Seizure"
  • **"The Hunt"
  • **"Common Descent" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Epilogue" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Blockade"
  • **"Gauntlet"
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    Other equipment

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  • Long-range communication stone: To be added
  • Chloe Armstrong's diary: To be added
  • Vehicles

  • Destiny: To be added
  • Relationships

  • Matthew Scott: Chloe leaned heavily on Lt. Matthew Scott following her Alan Armstrong|father's death. Scott helped her to realize that he sacrificed himself out of love for her. When the ship was bound for a Star (Light)|star, they began a physical relationship. The two are very much connected. She was supportive of him, though stunned, when she discovered he had a child. The two admitted they love each other before she was handed over to the Nakai. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 2|Air, Part 3|Darkness|Light|Life|Deliverance}}
  • Eli Wallace: Chloe thinks of Eli Wallace as a close friend, but when they were first stranded on the ship, Eli wished for them to further their relationship. This idea was cut short when Chloe and Lt. Matthew Scott developed feelings for each other. Their relationship was strained after Chloe purposely distracted him during the Mutiny on Destiny, but Eli eventually forgave her. He still harbored feelings for her even after her relationship with Scott started while Chloe only considered him her truest friend, although she indicated that she was aware of what he really felt for her. Eli kissed Chloe on the cheek during the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, but later turned his affections to Ginn and abandoned his feelings for Chloe. {{Cite|SGU|Darkness|Light|Divided|Human|Incursion, Part 2|Trial and Error}}
  • Behind the scenes

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  • Though Chloe originally had the surname of Carpenter in casting calls,<ref name="Meet">{{GateWorld|news/2008/09/meet-the-stargate-universe-team/|Meet the Stargate Universe team!}}
    </ref> this was changed to Walker<ref name="Casting">[http://spoilertv.blogspot.com/2009/01/stargate-universe-casting-call Stargate Universe - Casting Call] on Spoiler TV</ref> then finally Armstrong before she appeared in any episodes of
    Stargate Universe''.<ref name="alums">[http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/02/stargate-exclus 'Stargate' exclusive: 'ER,' 'Smallville' alums join cast] on Entertainment Weekly</ref>
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