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Cicero's Museum

Cicero's Museum

|name=Cicero's Museum
|galaxy=Milky Way
|builder=Cicero's people
|control=Cicero's people
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Bad Guys"
  • }} Cicero's Museum is a building on P4M-328. Cicero works at the museum as a researcher and Jayem Seran works there as one of the security guards. The planet's Stargate was located in the museum until the year 2007. The Stargate was buried after SG-1's visit. Exhibits in Cicero's Museum included replicas of Ra's headdress, the helmet of a Horus Guard and the uniform of a Serpent Guard. This would seem to indicate that P4M-328 was under the control of both Ra and Apophis at different times in its history. {{Cite|SG1|Bad Guys}}