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{{Infobox Planet
|name= Cimmeria
|point of origin= |galaxy=Milky Way |race=Cimmerians |population=10,000 |tech=Bronze Age |interest=Original access to the Asgard |domination=Cimmerians (present), Asgard (past) |appearances=Stargate SG-1 <small>(2 episodes)</small> }} {{quote|The High Council of the Asgard has designated Cimmeria a safe world for developing sentient species by unanimous decree, Era 40.73.29. The Goa'uld System Lords were so informed.|Thor|Thor's Hammer (episode)}}
Cimmeria, designated both P3X-974 and P3X-794 by the Tau'ri, is a planet under the protection of the Protected Planets Treaty, with the dominant race being the Cimmerians, who are descended from northern Europeans. The Cimmerians firmly believed that the Asgard were gods that protected them until the Asgard decided that their deception was no longer necessary following their contact with the Tau'ri. The planet's primary method of defense is a device called Thor's Hammer, which is capable of detecting symbiotes, and especially those of the Goa'uld. {{Cite|SG1|Thor's Hammer}}
Also on this planet is the Hall of Thor's Might, which is a cavern where the Cimmerians are tested for the determination on their level of advancement as a society in a whole in general and as individuals in particular. {{Cite|SG1|Thor's Chariot}}
As a result of the incident where Thor's hammer was disabled, and Heru'ur's Heru'ur's invasion of Cimmeria|subsequent invasion and defeat, an Asgard teacher was left on Cimmeria to assist them in rebuilding the planet, and educating the people. It is unclear how much the Asgard would educate the people. {{Cite|SG1|Thor's Chariot}}


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  • Stargate SG-1
  • *SG-1 Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Thor's Hammer (episode)|Thor's Hammer"
  • *SG-1 Season 2|Season 2
  • **"Prisoners" {{m}}
  • **"Thor's Chariot"
  • *SG-1 Season 4|Season 4
  • **"The First Ones" {{m}}
  • *SG-1 Season 5|Season 5
  • **"Red Sky" {{m}}
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    Behind the scenes

    Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 10|issue 10 had a misprint which gave the address of this planet as being the same as that for Memphis. In addition to this, Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 14|issue 14 gave an address which contained the point of origin for Abydos, which is impossible because that symbol is unique to the Abydos Stargate. The name "Cimmeria" may be a reference the works of Robert E. Howard in which Cimmeria is a fictional land of barbarians in the Hyborian Age, and the homeland of Conan the Barbarian.nl:Cimmeria

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