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Coalition of Planets

Coalition of Planets

{{Infobox Government |BG1= |BG2= |image=right|250px|thumb|Left to right: [[Kelore">right|250px|thumb|Left to right: [[Kelore, Dimas and Shiana, representatives of the Coalition.]] |name=Coalition of Planets |type=Interplanetary Coalition |founding= |constitution= |headofstate= |alliances= |headofgov= |commander= |defacto= |executive=Coalition of Planets Council |legislative=Coalition of Planets Council |judicial= |capital= |language= |currency= |religious= |holiday= |anthem= |formed=
  • Latira
  • Tribes of Santhal
  • Free Peoples of Riva
  • |established= |fragmented= |reorganized= |dissolved= |restored= |era= }} {{Quote|...an important first step toward interplanetary government; a...Federation, if you will.|Richard Woolsey|Inquisition}}
    The Coalition of Planets, also known as the Coalition, is an interplanetary alliance of Human populations in Pegasus, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.


    Because frequent Wraith cullings prevent the Human populace of the Pegasus galaxy from advancing technologically, the Coalition is largely made up of more primitive peoples that are not as advanced as, for example, the Genii or the Atlantis expedition. Created during the time the Wraith were in a state of Wraith civil war|civil war, the Coalition is led by a council of three representatives: Kelore of Latira, Shiana of the Tribes of Santhal, and Dimas of the Free Peoples of Riva. It exists as a means of cooperation between planets against a common enemy: the Wraith.


    In 2008, the members of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team were lured into a meeting under the false pretense of being invited to join the Coalition. In actuality, they were to act as representatives of the Atlantis expedition and put on trial for charges of committing crimes against the inhabitants of the Pegasus galaxy, namely the deaths of over 2 million people either directly or indirectly. Initially, Sheppard was unwilling to participate, but he was warned his refusal would result in a guilty verdict and the Council would move on to sentencing. The sentence would be the isolation of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. No trade or relations of any kind would be permitted with anyone, and with the Coalition growing in strength and number every day, eventually all of the expedition's current trading partners would be forced to join and therefore abide by the ruling of the Council. Additionally, as representatives of the expedition, an example would be made of the team and they would be sent to an Planet (Inquisition)|uninhabited planet for the rest of their lives. However, Richard Woolsey, who has a strong background in law, replaced Sheppard in defense of the expedition, defending them on such charges as the decision to turn the Asurans against the Wraith- thus causing the destruction of at least six planets as the Asurans tried to destroy the Wraith food supply- and their creation of Michael Kenmore. Woolsey soon discovered that the Genii were behind the whole thing. By ensuring the Atlantis expedition would never join the Coalition, the Genii would be the most advanced race, would control the Council, and thereby be in complete control of the galaxy. It was at this time that Woolsey realized he would not win the trial fairly. He bribed Kelore into accepting Atlantis' military assistance over the Genii, recognising that Dimas could be swayed by the logic of the argument that the expedition could not be blamed for the unintended consequence of its actions while Shiana was too blinded by her own anger at the death of her family during an Asuran attack. Ultimately, it fell to Kelore's vote of not guilty to free the expedition of all charges and allow them to join the Coalition. {{Cite|SGA|Inquisition}}
    The Magistrate (Identity)|Magistrate on the Unnamed Coalition planet|planet where Neeva Casol was sentenced to death indicated his planet was a part of the Coalition. {{cite|SGA|Identity}}

    Known members

  • Atlantis expedition
  • Riva
  • Genii homeworld
  • Latira
  • Santhal
  • Planet (Inquisition)|Coalition planet
  • World (Inquisition)|Coalition planet
  • Unnamed Coalition planet|Unnamed planet
  • Behind the scenes

  • Richard P. Woolsey's mention of "a Federation" in regards to the Coalition of Planets is a reference to the w:c:memoryalpha:United Federation of Planets|United Federation of Planets from the Star Trek franchise, in which his actor Robert Picardo is known for portraying w:c:memoryalpha:The Doctor|the Doctor in w:c:memoryalpha:Star Trek Voyager|Star Trek: Voyager. An alliance also named the "w:c:memoryalpha:Coalition of Planets|Coalition of Planets" appears in the prequel series w:c:memoryalpha:Star Trek: Enterprise|Star Trek: Enterprise as a precursor to the Federation.
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