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D'hon of Teck

D'hon of Teck

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D'Hon av Teck is a male Kettle-Dweller from Shchizenya. He lives in underground city Ketele. Among the occupants of the Ketele is D'Hon was known as a young heretic already thrown out the seminar and decided to put on ecclesiastical trial. While he believes the central message of his people's faith, he doubts that his superior gifts is magical at all. He preaches that it is a religious duty to discover why they work not only how to use them. So far he has some supporters mainly because people are living in fear of techpriests regulators. As one of the few people who advocate respect for science and learning and not cult-like worship of unknown technology D'Hon is one of the few people in Ketele non inimically hostile. Of course, given D'Hons heresy and anger techpriests he could also be a very dangerous man. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}
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