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Daniel Jackson's Stargate tablet

Daniel Jackson's Stargate tablet

Daniel Jackson's Stargate tablet is a tablet written by Dr. Daniel Jackson in an alternate timeline where when Ra was forced off of Earth by the rebellion in Ancient Egypt, he took the Alpha Gate with him.


The tablet is written in an obscure dialect of Ancient Egyptian and describes the rebellion in Ancient Egypt in 2995 against the Egyptian sun god and Supreme System Lord Ra. The tablet describes how Ra fled the planet, taking the Alpha Gate with him in his Ha'tak. The tablet also tells about the Beta Gate in Antarctica but fails to give an exact location. Instead, the tablet just refers to the second Stargate being in "the land of the cold to the south," likely because Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs present no way to give longitude and latitude coordinates. {{cite|SG1|Moebius, Part 1}}


After the rebellion resulted in Ra taking the Alpha Gate with him when he left the Earth in an alternate timeline, Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had been trapped in the past for five years, wrote the tablet to let people in the new future know what happened and where to find the Beta Gate in order to correct the timeline. Daniel buried the tablet in the location where the Stargate was supposed to be found in 1928 by Dr. Paul Langford. In 2005 of the alternate timeline, after discovering SG-1's videotape, the US military excavated the site and found only the tablet which proved to be in a dialect never deciphered in that timeline. The alternate timeline Daniel Jackson was able to decipher the tablet and its warning about what occurred during the rebellion that had taken place in that timeline. Working together, Daniel and the Samantha Carter of the alternate timeline managed to figure out where the Beta Gate was located. {{cite|SG1|Moebius, Part 1}}
After traveling back in time to 2995 BC, the alternate version of SG-1, minus their Daniel who was dead, encountered the Daniel of the original timeline as he prepared for the rebellion. The team warned Daniel, who had not yet written the tablet, about what he had told them went wrong in it. SG-1 began planning the rebellion to keep the Stargate out of Ra's hands to fix the timeline, an effort that was ultimately successful. As a result of the timeline being fixed, the tablet was never written in the current timeline. {{cite|SG1|Moebius, Part 2}}