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Doranda outpost

Doranda outpost

|name=Doranda outpost
|control=None (present), Lanteans, Tau'ri (past)
|appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "Trinity"
  • }} {{quote|That would explain how they were able to put up such a good fight...they were Ancients.|Doctor|Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay|Trinity}}
    The Doranda outpost was an Ancient outpost|outpost built by the Lanteans during their Lantean-Wraith war|war with the Wraith, and its presence was not included in the Atlantis database.


    thumb|left|200px|Atlantis 1 in the control room.">thumb|left|200px|Atlantis 1 in the control room. The outpost was used as a testing ground for Project Arcturus, and featured by a powerful Dorandan firing unit|energy weapon that was capable of destroying an entire fleet of Wraith Hive Ships. When the Lanteans lost control of Arcturus, the hard radiation destroyed every building and living thing on the planet, however the outpost and its technologies were left intact. When the Atlantis expedition stumbled across it, Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay commented that it possessed some of their most advanced technology. The outpost was destroyed along with Doranda when Arcturus destroyed 5/6 of the solar system. {{Cite|ATL|Trinity}}
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