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Dorandan firing unit

Dorandan firing unit

{{Infobox Weapon
|image=250px">250px{{caption|The firing unit atop the outpost}}
|name=Dorandan firing unit |manufacturer=Lanteans |model=Anti-orbital cannon |type=Surface-to-space energy weapon |cost= |discharge=Energy particles |control=
  • Semi-autonomous
  • Control console
  • |power=Project Arcturus |size= |weight= |range=Orbital |affiliation=
  • Lanteans
  • Tau'ri
  • }} {{up|Project Arcturus}}
    {{Quote|...if the overload is allowed to continue, the weapon acts as a sort of release valve to prevent catastrophic containment failure.|Doctor|Dr. Radek Zelenka|Trinity}}
    The Dorandan firing unit was a powerful energy weapon created by the Lanteans and located at the Doranda Doranda outpost|outpost, the site of Project Arcturus. In order to prevent a catastrophic overload, they built this device as a means of filtering the excessive energy in the event of containment failure.


    {{Quote|From what we can tell, it's a ground-based version of the satellite weapon we used to destroy that hive-ship."<br/>"With one major exception: Firepower.|John Sheppard and Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay|Trinity}}
    Capable of rotating 360 degrees, the unit was able to automatically track and fire at ships in orbit, but does not, apparently, have the ability to differentiate between an enemy vessel and a friendly vessel without manual configuration. While the unit could be operated manually via a control console in the outpost itself, it was mostly automated; the only manual action absolutely necessary in the entire sequence of powering up, acquiring a target, and firing was the activation of the weapon's power source. The energy weapon was linked directly to the power generator; as there was no connection between it and the primary capacitor, the weapon was able to fire a continuous series of shots without pausing. The energy bursts released by this weapon have proven to be powerful enough to single-handedly destroy an entire Wraith fleet, and it was stated that one direct hit would completely obliterate a Puddle Jumper (although this is not an altogether impressive feat, as jumpers have been severely damaged by weapons as weak as wraith spear rifles). The firing unit could not, however, penetrate the Asgard shield|Asgard-designed shield of the Daedalus as easily, and the shield survived several direct hits. {{Cite|ATL|Trinity}}


    {{Quote|I've waited too long -- the weapon can't discharge enough power to avoid a catastrophic overload. This whole planet's gonna go up.|Doctor|Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay|Trinity}}
    When the Atlantis expedition revived Project Arcturus and after much trial and error, they unwittingly caused a massive overload, which not only destroyed the weapon and the outpost but 5/6 of the Dorandan solar system. {{Cite|ATL|Trinity}}


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