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{{Quote|I think we're looking at a new kind of drive.|Rodney McKay|The Daedalus Variations}}
A drive is a technology that allows, usually a starship, to travel to places that would be conventionally impractical or impossible. The majority of these drives for faster than light travel are essential for starships. The hyperdrive is by far the most common method, but isn't the only one. The Ancients developed the wormhole drive from their Stargate technology. It was however abandoned due to its gross impracticality, but has been used successfully at least once, by Atlantis. Stardrives are an advanced version of a hyperdrive utilized for massive city ships. The FTL drive is one with unknown mechanism and is known to be used on Destiny. Examples of Drives
  • Alternate reality drive
  • Faster-Than-Light engine|Fast-than-light drive
  • Stardrive
  • Hyperdrive
  • Ion drive
  • Wormhole drive
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