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Drone attack on Destiny

Drone attack on Destiny

{{Infobox Battle |prev=Simeon's escape from Destiny<ref>{{cite|SGU|Malice}}
</ref> |conc= |next=Lucian Alliance attack on Earth<ref>{{cite|SGU|Alliances}}
</ref> |name=Drone attack on Destiny |image=300px">300px |conflict=
  • Ursini-Drone war
  • Tau'ri-Drone war
  • Tau'ri-Nakai war
  • |date=2009 |place=Unnamed star system (Resurgence) |result=
  • Destiny retreat
  • Possible extinction of the Ursini
  • |side1=
  • Tau'ri
  • * Destiny expedition
  • Ursini
  • Nakai
  • |side2=Alien race (Resurgence)|Drones |commanders1=Colonel Everett Young Unknown Nakai commander |commanders2=Control Ships |forces1=
  • Destiny
  • * Ancient shuttle
  • Seed ship
  • Three Nakai motherships
  • Reprogrammed Berzerker drones
  • |forces2=
  • Two Control Ships
  • * Large number of Berzerker drones
  • |casual1=
  • Seed ship
  • Two Nakai motherships
  • |casual2=
  • 1 Control Ship
  • * Berzerker drones
  • }} The Drone attack on Destiny is an event that occurred in 2009 between the Tau'ri and the Berzerker drones of an alien race (Resurgence)|unknown alien race in a unnamed galaxy (Pain)|unnamed galaxy.


    The Destiny expedition detected a remote energy signature outside the path laid out for Destiny by the Seed ships. The signal led them to the site of a battlefield, where numerous Ursini spaceships had been destroyed. They decided to investigate one of the disabled but intact ships for any possible salvage. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence}}



    Unknown to the Destiny expedition, the victors of the battle were still among the wreckage, powered down but otherwise intact. The Berzerker drones were activated by Destiny's presence and converged on the ship, swarming it and firing from all sides. Unable to fend off the assault, and unable to escape due to the FTL drive being down, Destiny was saved by the arrival of Colonel David Telford and the Ursini in a Seed ship, who led Destiny through the nearby Star (Resurgence)|star to destroy the drones. The Ursini had been at war with the drones for a long time, and boarded the Seed ship as a means of finding a tactical advantage. They asked for Destiny's help in destroying the Control Ship, which they believed would shut down the smaller drones. Colonel Everett Young agreed to help in exchange for the use of the Seed ship's power reserves to dial Earth. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence}}

    First Wave

    Though they had planned to jump to a safe location to effect repairs before beginning the assault, the Ursini took Destiny straight to the Control Ship, apparently for fear that they might be double-crossed. The Control Ship immediately prioritized Destiny as a target, dispatching Berzerker drones to prevent Destiny's approach. Unable to overcome the defensive screen, Destiny seemed to have no hope of victory. However Chloe Armstrong, claiming to be in control, summoned the Nakai to create a diversion. Three Nakai motherships arrived and drew off most of the drones. Eli Wallace and Dr. Nicholas Rush created a jamming signal that disrupted the Control Ship's control over the drones, allowing Destiny to approach and destroy the Control Ship with Destiny's Destiny pulse weapon|main weapon, rendering the drones inert. Two Nakai motherships were destroyed in the battle while the other was severely damaged. Destiny's crew managed to repair the FTL drive soon afterwards. However, additional damage sustained during the battle had disabled five shield emmiters, preventing the ship from creating the full shield coverage that it required to enter FTL. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence}}

    Second Wave

    Unfortunately, an attempt by the Ursini to contact their Ursini colony|colony draws a second Control Ship to Destiny and the Ursini cease communication and go dark having fried their FTL drive getting there. In order to learn more, Lt. Matthew Scott, MSgt. Ronald Greer and Dr. Lisa Park capture one of the drones, but the Nakai threaten Destiny, but make a deal instead to remove the Nakai pathogen|pathogen from Chloe Armstrong. The aliens do so, but jump away afterwards as the second Control Ship and its drones attack Destiny. Dr. Nicholas Rush and Eli Wallace come up with a plan to make the first wave of Berzerker drones attack the second to buy enough time to fix the shields so Destiny can return to FTL. The two don't have enough time so the Ursini, sorry for dragging the humans into their war, launch a suicide attack on the Control Ship, drawing away the drones. The Seed ship is destroyed, but it buys Rush and Eli the time they need and the two waves of drones attack each other. Thanks to this, Dr. Dale Volker and Dr. Adam Brody manage to repair the shields, but they only come back at five percent leaving the crew worried as they've never jumped at less that ten and five percent may not be enough. With the friendly drones outnumbered and with no guarantee that they will remain friendly, Young orders the jump and Destiny escapes to FTL. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence|Deliverance}}


    Destiny's shields hold in FTL despite a rocky start and the ship escapes despite suffering severe damage. Chloe Armstrong is cured, but still retains at least some of the knowledge the Nakai pathogen|pathogen gave her. The Nakai get whatever knowledge that Chloe had on Destiny and will likely be more determined then ever to get the ship. Destiny is revealed to have taken severe damage to all systems without the parts to fix them causing the crew to consider a plan to dial Earth from within a star that's ultimately called off. Thanks to stealing parts from a Destiny from another timeline, the crew is able to get what they need to fix the ship. {{cite|SGU|Deliverance|Twin Destinies}}


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