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{{Infobox Character |name=Ec'co |image= thumb">thumb |race=Half-Hrathi, half-Tau'ri |gender=Male |rank=Cadet |home planet= |allegiances= Stargate Command |appearances= |actor=Cusse Mankuma }} Ec'co is a Hrathi/Tau'ri hybrid from Earth who serves at Stargate Command. Ec'co's mother is Hrathi and his Ec'co's father|father is Tau'ri.


During his childhood, he was often called a monster and a mutant by the Tau'ri children. He had never been to his mother's Hrath|homeworld, until he and Major Gus Bonner traveled there for a visit. {{Cite|INF|Coming Home}}


{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Ec'co |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate Infinity
  • *"The Decision"
  • *"Double Duty"
  • *"The Best World"
  • *"Coming Home"
  • *"Mentor"
  • *"Hot Water"
  • *"Phobia"
  • *"Can I Keep It?"
  • *"Who Are You?"
  • *"Greed"
  • *"Stones"
  • *"Initiation"
  • *"The Mother of Invention"
  • *"Reality (episode)|Reality"
  • *"Museum"
  • *"Us and Them"
  • *"The Face of Evil"
  • *"The Key"
  • *"Chariot of the Sun"
  • *"The Answer"
  • *"The Look"
  • *"Feet of Clay"
  • *"The Natural"
  • *"Big Mistake"
  • *"The Illustrated Stacey"
  • *"The Long Haul"
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