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Eden system

Eden system

{{Infobox System
|name=Eden system
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|galaxy=Unnamed galaxy (Air)
|stars=Uncharted star
|appearances=Stargate Universe<br>
  • "Faith"
  • }} The Eden system is a star system which was visited by the Destiny in 2009.


    Destiny|Destiny's Faster-Than-Light engine|FTL-engines were disrupted by the gravity well generated by the uncharted star, a rare phenomenon given that Destiny follows a course plotted by seed ships that have scouted ahead of it for millions of years. Destiny's FTL termination, however, is a feature, not a bug in the FTL drive system to prevent Destiny from flying dangerously close to stellar objects. Upon exiting FTL, Nicholas Rush|Rush determined that Destiny had plotted a parabolic course around the star in the system, apparently to map it into the star charts that it keeps logged in its database. The course was estimated to take approximately 3-4 weeks, allowing an away team to take the Ancient shuttle|shuttle and spend the duration of Destiny's Sublight engine|sublight voyage in the system on the surface of the system's lone planet: Eden. The fact that the solar system was not on Destiny's star charts greatly confused the crew, as the seed ships aren't so far ahead that the system would naturally develop in the intervening time between their passing and Destiny's arrival. The star, much like our own sun, is a spectral G-class star that Dale Volker|Volker notes that Destiny's sensor data on the star indicates it's recently out of T-Tauri Phase, which suggests that the star was "too" young and therefore Eden should not be as developed as it was for its age. The only conclusion is that the system was created by Planet builder|unknown but very powerful being or group of beings, this was further confirmed when the first away team discovered a giant obelisk on Eden's surface, the only sign that the planet may be inhabited. While Destiny was in the system no other beings were encountered, however some time passed with the away team camped out on the planet's surface, Chloe Armstrong|Chloe noticed a bright white beam of light projecting upward into space from the obelisk. Volker recorded faint energy readings from the obelisk but otherwise no more information could be gathered. Colonel Everett Young|Young subsequently ordered the team to return to Destiny, although some civilians refused to leave and stayed behind with a shuttle that could no longer exit the atmosphere. (SGU: Faith|"Faith") Some time later the civilians who stayed behind died of severe exposure to the planet's winter weather, however their bodies were reanimated, the shuttle they were left with restored to brand-new condition, and they were transported instantaneously to Destiny's location in the next galaxy. Shortly after their arrival they began to die again in the same sequence and manner than they had died on the planet, with the Destiny crew speculating that the aliens who built the galaxy benevolently wanted to give them a chance to say goodbye to their friends on Destiny. (SGU: Visitation|"Visitation") The only known glimpse of the Planet Builders, supposedly, was a flash of light seen in the kino footage delivered by Caine as he prayed for help. Category:Eden system| >Category:Eden system|