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Eli Wallace

Eli Wallace

{{Infobox Character |name=Eli Wallace |image=250px">250px |race=Tau'ri |home planet=Earth |gender=Male |born= c. 1984 |died= |rank=Civilian |allegiances=Destiny expedition |appearances=Stargate Universe <small>(40 episodes)</small> |actor=David Blue }} {{quote|What's the point of having potential if you're not gonna step up when you really need it?|Eli Wallace|Gauntlet}}
{{Quote|It is easier to know where you are going when you know where you have been.|Eli Wallace (Tenearian Archive) }} Eli Wallace is a male Tau'ri who was considered to be a complete slacker, yet an utter genius, who could put his mind to anything he wanted including computers, mathematics, and video games. Due to his lack of confidence, he developed an acerbic sense of humor. He is a member of the Destiny expedition|team sent and later trapped aboard the Ancient vessel Destiny.



Background information

{{quote|...And then some kid - some big child - with no meaningful education is gonna jump in at the last moment... and solve it just like that. No sense of ambition; spends most of his time playing ridiculous games, yet he's the genius I'll never be.|Nicholas Rush on Eli's help with the Icarus Project|Human (episode)}}
As a child, Eli once expressed an interest in being a vet, but apparently gave this up after his Eli Wallace's father|father stepped on a hamster that his mother had brought him to teach him responsibility when Eli left the cage door open, leaving him doubting his ability to cope with that kind of responsibility. When Eli was fourteen years old his mother, Marian Wallace, contracted HIV working as a nurse, when she was trying to restrain a drug addict. His father, who could not deal with the stress, left both of them behind. From then on Eli's mother took sole responsibility for raising her son until the point where he left to study at MIT. Unfortunately, Eli dropped out and did not receive his degree. Prior to his dealings with the United States Air Force, Eli was unemployed and spent a large amount of time playing video games, namely Prometheus (game)|Prometheus. He is a science-fiction fan who commonly referencing movies such as Planet of the Apes and Star Wars even when they are wildly out of context. For example, he made parallels between the ice planet, which the team was visiting as a last ditch effort to extract potable water and Hoth, right in the middle of an intense power struggle between Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Water|Time|Trial and Error}}


{{quote|Give me a break, this is my second spaceship...and my first was yesterday.|Eli Wallace|Air, Part 2}}
Sometime in 2009, Dr. Nicholas Rush and others placed an actual astro-physical Stargate problem into a Prometheus (game)|video game to see if anyone outside the Stargate Program could solve it. After a month of trying, Eli Wallace was able to solve this problem and gained the attention of Lt. General Jack O'Neill and Rush, who approached him about joining the program. At first, he believed they were after him for something, and claimed to have not been responsible for anything. However, they actually needed his help, and moments later, he was Asgard transporter|beamed aboard the Tau'ri vessel George Hammond, which was situated in Earth orbit. Rush presented him with an incentive to join the Stargate Program: The United States Air Force would pay for his mother's medical bills and treatment. Eli agreed. During the trip to the Icarus Base, Eli watched several instructional videos hosted by Dr. Daniel Jackson and was briefed on the Icarus Project. He also struck up a friendship with Chloe Armstrong which would later grow into a case of unrequited love on his part. He arrived at the Icarus Base and watched the first attempt to dial the Stargate's nine chevron address. When the base was attacked by a fleet of Ha'tak vessels and Death Gliders, he and the team were forced to evacuate. As military personnel dialed the Earth gate to escape, Eli helped Rush solve the mystery surrounding the ninth chevron, stating that the point of origin meant Earth, not the planet they're on. Rush impulsively dialed the ninth chevron address instead of the Earth address, which forced the personnel at Icarus Base to evacuate to the Ancient starship, Destiny, several billion light years away from Earth. Eli and the other evacuees are stranded as they do not have enough power to dial Earth and return home. Once aboard the Destiny, Eli assisted Rush in locating the leaks responsible for draining the ship's air supply. He witnessed his first death when Senator Alan Armstrong sacrificed himself to seal the last leak. He volunteered to travel to a Desert planet (Air)|desert planet with Lt. Matthew Scott, MSgt. Ronald Greer, Andrea Palmer, Rush, Dr. Jeremy Franklin and Sgt. Curtis but quickly proved himself - though willing - less than capable of making the journey. Scott later put Eli in charge of one of two exploration teams, partly to cover more ground, but also so that Eli wouldn't slow him down. Eli was the only member of his team who decided to trust Rush and not go to another Planet (Air, Part 3)|planet through the Stargate. {{cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Air, Part 2|Air, Part 3}}
After discovering Kinos aboard Destiny, Eli started recording himself walking around and describing parts of ship in case if someone else would find it. He also asked fellow crew members to record Kino messages about themselves. {{cite|kino|comma=}}
Shortly after arrival in the Hoth system, Eli constructed a "Kino sled|hover board" using several Kinos, placed under a stretcher to achieve levitation. Colonel Everett Young and Lt. Matthew Scott successfully used it to carry ice back through the Stargate to Destiny, and it was also used to carry Scott when he was injured on the planet. {{cite|SGU|Water}}
After Eli returned from his trip to Earth, Colonel Everett Young asked him to run simulations and review Dr. Nicholas Rush's calculations regarding dialing the Stargate within a star. Unfortunately, Eli couldn't find a solution that didn't end very badly. While reviewing Rush's work, Eli discovered that Rush had invented the story about an Icarus-Class planet in the database, spurring false hopes among the Destiny crew. It's also around this time Eli is seen practicing yoga with Chloe Armstrong. {{Cite|SGU|Life}}
A week later, Eli was among those present when MSgt. Ronald Greer taste tested the Alien sweet potato. After discovering Sgt. Spencer dead, he was part of the group that started the search for the missing gun. He located the weapon in Colonel Everett Young's quarters, an action he regretted. He thoroughly investigated the footage of a searching Kino. When Dr. Jeremy Franklin sat in the Destiny interface chair chair, he looked again. An error on a timestamp led him to discover the original video on his laptop contained footage of Spencer's suicide what exonerated Young. Eli also kept the video of Dr. Nicholas Rush hiding the gun secret and helped Young to conceal the truth. {{Cite|SGU|Justice}}
After Colonel Everett Young marooned Dr. Nicholas Rush on the Gravel pit planet, he put Eli in charge of figuring out everything Rush was working on. Eli operated Destiny's Destiny pulse weapon|weapon systems during both battles with the Nakai. He disagreed with Young's order to use the main gun, as it would drain the shields, but complied anyway. {{Cite|SGU|Space}}
During the Mutiny on Destiny|mutiny, Eli sided with the military. He was exchanged to the civilians in return for food and water, both to prevent him from gaining control of Destiny's systems, and so he could help Dr. Nicholas Rush transfer power to the shields. When the Nakai attacked, Eli once again operated the Destiny pulse weapon|weapon systems. Eli did not go down to Eden. {{Cite|SGU|Divided|Faith}}
Eli, along with Chloe Armstrong, Lt. Matthew Scott, and MSgt. Ronald Greer, went exploring a Ruins planet|planet that obviously supported intelligent life at one point. When they explored an underground structure, Greer shot at a Giant spider causing a cave-in and trapping them. After a while of digging, the rescue team was forced to leave them stranded on the planet. They eventually found a way out and started to travel through the Stargates to try to catch up to Destiny. When they got to the last planet they missed the ship by a few seconds. They were able to make it back after Destiny was sabotaged. Eli subsequently aided Dr. Nicholas Rush and Dr. Amanda Perry in repairing the Faster-Than-Light engine. {{cite|SGU|Human|Lost|Sabotage}}
When the Lucian Alliance Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny|invaded, Eli took refuge in the kino room with Chloe Armstrong. After the Alliance managed to break through, Chloe and Eli escaped using an Destiny elevator|elevator that took them near the front of the ship. Chloe was shot in the leg during the escape. Eli carried her through the ship until they reached a working console. After contacting Dr. Nicholas Rush, Eli was forced to leave to help Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer. Before he left he told Chloe "Whatever happens, you know, right?", kissed her on the cheek, and left. He arrived at the airlock but Scott and Greer were not inside. He assumed they did not make it in time but they moved to the underside of the ship and were protected from the radiation from the Binary pulsar system. Once the radiation had subsided, they entered the airlock and Eli let them inside. He and Chloe then met up with Rush and Dr. Adam Brody. They then fled to the Hydroponics lab, and sealed the door to protect them from the radiation. Rush tried to use the binary pulsar to force the Alliance forces to surrender, but their leader, Dannic went insane and refused to surrender. Eli tried to convince Rush to give Greer and Scott time to make it back and not sacrifice them, but he refused and refused to listen to Eli pointing out the fact that Dannic had completely lost it and wouldn't listen to reason, but Rush refused to stop. Finally Colonel David Telford convinces the other Alliance members to surrender and Ginn killed Dannic and surrendered leaving Eli releaved. {{cite|SGU|Incursion, Part 1|Incursion, Part 2|Intervention}}
Shortly after the invasion, he was part of a team that was sent to an Planet (Aftermath)|unnamed planet in the Ancient shuttle to replenish the food and water supply. During reentry the shuttle lost power and crashed on the planet. After Scott and the rest of the team unburied the Stargate, he returned to Destiny. {{cite|SGU|Aftermath}}
During a subsequent return trip to Earth, Eli learned that his Marian Wallace|mother was in the hospital as her HIV|disease had become worse due to her lack of knowledge about what had happened to him. After he was unable to convince her of his true identity, Eli called Camile Wray - also visiting Earth - to ask her for help. Reminding her superiors that they would never have found Destiny without Eli to the extent that she described him as possibly the most important person on the ship, Wray was able to arrange for Eli's mother to be given a chance to use the Long-range communication device to see her son on board Destiny. Eli assured his mother that he was doing everything he could to come home. {{cite|SGU|Pathogen}}
Later, Camile Wray assigned Eli to work with a Lucian Alliance operative, Ginn, and go over different equations regarding the ship's power reserves. Eli quickly developed feelings for her and MSgt. Ronald Greer offered to help him take the initiative. One day Ginn discovered Eli's video log he recorded after last seeing his mother and felt a level of sympathy toward him. The two then became involved in an intimate relationship. {{cite|SGU|Trial and Error}}
Following the death of Ginn at the hands of Simeon, Eli became very despondent and angry. He attempted to take a weapon from the Destiny armory|armory and join Lt. Matthew Scott's team in hunting down Ginn's killer. When Colonel Everett Young confronted Eli, he convinced Eli that he was not the sort of person who could take another persons life no matter what the cost and that if he did travel down that path, it would change who he is. Afterwards, Eli was ordered to find a way to reset the Jump countdown so the Destiny could remain in range of the Planet (Malice)|planet where Scott's team was hunting Simeon. After many failures and a number of Rush-like outbursts against other members of the Destiny expedition to achieve the same goal, Eli reluctantly allowed Chloe to assist in the job. {{cite|SGU|Malice}}
During the Drone attack on Destiny, Eli let Chloe Armstrong know what was happening and was alarmed when she escaped. He then manned one of the consoles on the Destiny Bridge|bridge and helped to control weapons. He came up with a plan to jam the Control Ship's link with the Berzerker drones, allowing Destiny to approach and destroy the Control Ship. When they learned that a second Control Ship was coming, Eli came up with the idea to capture one of the drones so he and Dr. Nicholas Rush could study it and succeeded in tricking the first wave of drones into attacking the second, buying the crew time to repair their shields and escape to FTL, although Eli expressed doubt about being able to jump with shields under ten percent power. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence|Deliverance}}
As a result of the severe damage taken in the attack and the inability to repair it, Eli suggested trying to dial Earth from inside a Star (Twin Destinies)|star again, believing that he'd succeeded in figuring out how to do so safely with Ginn's help before her death. Eli switched bodies with Dr. Bill Lee to report his plan to Earth and got the go-ahead from Homeworld Command, despite Dr. Nicholas Rush's reservations. Before an attempt could be made, a Dr. Nicholas Rush#Alternate timelies|Nicholas Rush from twelve hours in the future showed up to warn the crew about making the attempt and Eli listened to his story and Colonel Everett Young called off Eli's plan after learning that only Colonel David Telford#Alternate timelies|David Telford made it home and everyone else died. Thanks to a raid on Future Rush's derelict Destiny the crew was able to get the parts they needed to repair Destiny so they could continue on. {{cite|SGU|Twin Destinies}}


During the Lucian Alliance attack on Earth, Eli came up with the idea to use an FTL drop-out to temporarily sever the connection between Senator Michaels (senator)|Michaels, Dr. Andrew Covel and Camile Wray and MSgt. Ronald Greer so Varro can give them instructions on how to disarm the Lucian Alliance naquadria bomb. Eli's idea works, but Wray and Greer are unable to disarm it as they weren't able to get the full instructions. {{cite|SGU|Alliances}}
When Ginn's consciousness connected with Chloe Armstrong, Eli was delighted to see her and explained to her about her death and what happened afterwards to her body. When Ginn tried to kiss him, Eli rejected her as he felt it was too weird with her being in Chloe's body and was worried by her frequent choking episodes. Eli worked with Dr. Nicholas Rush on finding a way to save her by uploading her mind to Destiny's mainframe and fights with Colonel Everett Young over not disconnecting the Long-range communication stone and giving them time to save Ginn and Dr. Amanda Perry who also surfaced in Chloe despite the risks to Chloe. When Rush comes up with a plan to use the Destiny interface chair|Destiny interface chair to upload the two consciousnesses to the mainframe, Eli talks to Ginn to convince her to go through with it, telling her that it will be worth it for them to be able to just see and interact with each other even though they won't be able to touch and Ginn eventually agrees. Eli watches the transfer after Ginn starts choking and gets worried when he sees Ginn in the mainframe but doesn't appear to him even though Perry appears to Lt. Tamara Johansen and Rush and is happy when he finally gets to see her. Ginn agrees with what Eli told her earlier about being able to interact with each other being enough, but both Eli and Ginn appear saddened that they can't touch each other. {{cite|SGU|Hope}}
Wanting to interact physically with Ginn, Eli suggests using the Destiny interface chair|Destiny interface chair, but it upsets Ginn and she disappears for days as its dangerous. When Dr. Rodney McKay comes up with a new way to dial the ninth chevron that's safer, Eli meets with him about it and agrees with his idea. The two get into an argument about something in the equation hallway and McKay compares Eli to a younger him. When Dr. Nicholas Rush gets trapped in a simulation, Eli works to free him, calling for Ginn for help, not knowing that Dr. Amanda Perry has suppressed her. Finally Ginn uses an emergency FTL drop-out to distract Perry and tells him that only he can save Rush and that there's only one way to do it, but is suppressed again before she can finish. Eli figures out what she means and reluctantly does it: he transfers Ginn and Perry into quarantine so they can't interact with the ship's systems or anyone else. Eli meets Rush when he wakes up and is furious with him, telling him what he had to do before storming off. {{cite|SGU|Seizure}}
Exploring a newly repaired section with Dr. Nicholas Rush and Dr. Adam Brody, the three discover Destiny's Stasis hall and Eli is annoyed when Rush refuses to test the Stasis pods out until he does a diagnostic. Sick of listening to Rush, Eli convinces Brody to look into the stasis pods without Rush's knowledge and panics when Brody is frozen into stasis, not knowing Rush is secretly responsible. Eli tries desperately to free Brody, even calling in Chloe Armstrong, but fails. Eventually Rush lets Brody out from the Destiny Bridge|bridge and Eli and Brody quickly disagree with Rush when he wants to go look at the pods, agreeing with his earlier suggestion. {{cite|SGU|The Hunt}}
When the drones Second Drone attack on Destiny|attack again, Eli defends his decision to capture one of the drones for study. When a team led by Lt. Matthew Scott and MSgt. Ronald Greer travels to Novus colony (Common Descent)|a Novus colony and meet Jason and Ellie, Eli asks to be on the team that returns to the planet and when asked how its possible that the people could be descendants of Destiny's crew, Eli figures that the People of Novus descended from the crew of the alternate Destiny and were sent back in time and not killed as believed. Eli is amazed by the people on the colony and brings back a disk compatible with Destiny's systems containing a Kino recording, many of which were made by his alternate self and watches them with the rest of the crew. After learning of the fact that Novus is theorized to be being approached by a black hole, Eli explains how bad that is to the crew. When the people want the crew to bring them to Novus, Eli shows Colonel Everett Young one of the recordings to try to convince him. Eli goes to the planet one last time before they plan to leave to say goodbye and gets trapped when the drones attack the colony and Destiny, destroying the planet's Stargate. Eli figures out that the drones are tracking the Stargate activations and manages to use the Stargate to send a Morse code message to Destiny saying it is safe to come back. Eli joins the team to Novus and is worried when there's no sign of life and the planet is in a volcanic winter. {{cite|SGU|Common Descent}}
On Novus, Eli travels to the Novus fallout bunker and examines the archive of Kino recordings. Eli discovers that the people came together and left the planet in evacuation ships and works to upload the Tenaran archive to Destiny. When the stairwell collapses due to seismic activity, Eli is forced to climb a ladder to the upper levels and makes it safely there while Lt. Tamara Johansen, Colonel Everett Young and Varro are forced to be pulled up by a rope which Eli helps with. Eli makes it off the planet in time and gives TJ the bad news that the ALS cure isn't in the part of the archive they recovered or in Destiny database|Destiny's database. {{cite|SGU|Epilogue}}
Eli repeatedly watches footage from the Tenaran archive, planning to add it to his documentary. When the drones start to Drone Blockade of Destiny|blockade Destiny at the stars it stops at, Eli comes up with a desperate plan to recharge the ship: recharge inside a Star (Blockade)|blue giant. Eli plans for himself and Dr. Nicholas Rush to pilot the ship inside the Ancient environmental suits while the rest of the crew evacuate through the Stargate to a nearby planet for safety. When Destiny drops out of FTL, Eli is disappointed to find there's only one Stargate in range and sends a Kino through to check it out and is surprised to find Novus colony (Blockade)|another Novus colony. After the crew leaves, Eli helps Dr. Lisa Park collect plants from the Destiny garden|Destiny garden before Rush calls him away. Rush lets Eli decide who gets to pilot the ship and co-pilot it as its Eli's plan and Eli decides to pilot Destiny himself. When Park gets trapped in the garden, Eli works to try to free her until Rush convinces him he can't afford to keep doing it, but is furious at Rush for it. Eli pilots the ship through the star, but the calculations are extremely hard and he panics; Rush convinces him to keep at it, saying Eli is the only one who is able to do it. Eli succeeds in piloting the ship through the star safely and when he learns that the garden dome is breached, he rushes off to help Park. Rush manages to open the door and Eli is able to rescue her, but Park has been flash-blinded. Eli stays with her in the infirmary as the crew returns to the ship. Rush privately tells Colonel Everett Young that Eli's work was flawless and he's never seen anything like it. {{cite|SGU|Blockade}}
Eli and Dr. Nicholas Rush work to find out where the drones are so the ship can safely resupply and learn that they are at every Stargate between Destiny and the end of the Unnamed galaxy (Pain)|galaxy. Coming up with a plan to modulate the shields so they are more resistant to the drones weapons, the crew Destiny attack on Drones|attacks a Control Ship and destroy it, but the ship suffers damage from suicide attacks and they get very little supplies. Needing another solution, Eli proposes a plan to Colonel Everett Young: use one long FTL jump to completely bypass the rest of the galaxy. This will take three years so Eli proposes the crew go into Stasis pods. Since Rush isn't able to come up with anything better, Young goes with Eli's plan and Eli is allowed to say goodbye to his Marian Wallace|mother. Marian is happy as long as Eli is happy and Eli realizes that he truly is happy being on Destiny. Unfortunately eight pods are damaged and need Palladium hydride to be repaired and it looks like eight people will have to stay out and die. When Dr. Lisa Park comes up with a plan to use an Ancient shuttle as a decoy, Eli adds to the plan to overload the shuttle's engines near the Control Ship and destroy it. During the attack, Eli and Rush remote-pilot the shuttle and Eli overloads the engines and destroys the Control Ship. The crew get the material they need and the pods are fixed and all but Eli, Rush, Lt. Tamara Johansen, Camile Wray, MSgt. Ronald Greer, Lt. Matthew Scott, Chloe Armstrong, and Young enter stasis. The rest have a final dinner where Young affirms their relationship as a family. Eli, Young and Rush end up being the last ones out of stasis and its discovered that one pod is too badly damaged to fix in time. After Rush and Young offer to stay out (even though it would essentially be suicide for Young), Eli decides to stay himself, declaring himself smarter than Rush and the only one with any chance of fixing the pod within the two weeks he'd have before he had to shut life support down. After a talk with Rush, Eli puts him and Young into stasis, sharing a hug with Young and then shuts most of the ship down before looking out over the FTL vortex from the Observation deck. {{cite|SGU|Gauntlet}}

Alternate timelines

  • In an alternate timeline, Eli was on the Jungle planet when the Squigglers attacked. MSgt. Ronald Greer#Alternate timelines|Ronald Greer showed him how to use an M4 Rifle. He survived the first night, but was killed sometime later on. He recorded everything on a Kino which became useful to the crew from another timeline were able to discover exactly what happened. {{cite|SGU|Time}}
  • In a second alternate timeline, Eli and others went to the same Jungle planet and discovered the Kino sent through from the first timeline. They also found human remains, presumably those of Dr. Nicholas Rush#Alternate timelines|Nicholas Rush who also went back in time when he jumped through the Stargate. Eli and other senior members watched the Kino recordings and discovered the Hoth virus and the potential cure. Unfortunately by this time Chloe Armstrong#Alternate timelines|Chloe Armstrong had already fallen ill. Eli, at her bedside, decided to confess all of his feelings towards her. She, along with Lt. Vanessa James#Alternate timelines|Vanessa James, Dr. Dale Volker#Alternate timelines|Dale Volker and Dr. Jeremy Franklin#Alternate timelines|Jeremy Franklin, were all killed by the virus in this timeline. {{cite|SGU|Time}}
  • thumb|Eli after ten years on the planet [[Novus">thumb|Eli after ten years on the planet [[Novus]]
  • In a third alternate timeline, after discovering how to dial Earth from inside a Star (Twin Destinies)|star safely with Ginn's help, Eli planned to return home. However, when Dr. Nicholas Rush#Alternate timelines|Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young#Alternate timelines|Everett Young called for volunteers to remain behind and complete Destiny's mission, Eli volunteered to stay. Eli's plan worked, although unknown to the crew caused them to be thrown 12 hours back in time and Colonel David Telford#Alternate timelines|David Telford safely made it through to Earth before the wormhole began to destabilize. Eli and Rush managed to fix the problem and all the evacuees left, but the ship's systems started to overload and everyone was forced to abandon ship, with Eli taking a Kino with him. Later Rush, who was forced to stay behind, learned that only Telford made it through to Earth and was led to believe that everyone else died in transit, including Eli but actually they had actually traveled approximately two thousand years into the past on a nearby Novus|planet, where they founded a new People of Novus|civilization. He kept his habit of recording events on kino and narrate them. On a record made 10 years after settling on Novus he mentioned that he has a Eli Wallace's son|son with Cpl. Barnes (Destiny)#Alternate timelines|Barnes. Eli also wrote many educational textbooks which were used to teach children in a classroom setting, and became a teacher, which Camile Wray#Alternate timelines|Camile Wray said he was wonderful at. His practice of recording everything continued to be a key practice 2,000 years later. Sometime after his death, Eli's grandson Matthew Wallace would become principal of a Eli Wallace Elementary School|new school building that was named after him. {{cite|SGU|Twin Destinies|Common Descent|Epilogue}}
  • Appearances

    {| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Eli Wallace |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate Universe
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Air, Part 1"
  • **"Air, Part 2"
  • **"Air, Part 3"
  • **"Darkness"
  • **"Light"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Not the Com Lab"
  • **"No Idea"
  • **"The Stargate Room"
  • **"Eli's Room"
  • **"Don't Encourage Him"
  • **"Marked Hatch"
  • **"Not Supposed To Be In Here"
  • **"Nobody Cares"
  • **"Kino Race"
  • **"The Apple Core"
  • **"Chloe's Room"
  • **"Horrible Accident"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Water (episode)|Water"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"You Okay?" {{m}}
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Earth (episode)|Earth"
  • **"Time" <small>(Alternate timeline duplicates only)</small>
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"New Kind of Crazy"
  • **"Only Run When Chased"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Life"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Favorite Meal of All Time"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Justice"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"We Volunteer To Do This"
  • **"Wait For It"
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Space"
  • **"Divided"
  • **"Faith"
  • **"Human (episode)|Human"
  • **"Lost"
  • **"Sabotage"
  • *Kino webisodes
  • **"Drop the Sirs" {{m}}
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Pain"
  • **"Subversion"
  • **"Incursion, Part 1"
  • **"Incursion, Part 2"
  • *Universe Season 2|Season 2
  • **"Intervention"
  • **"Aftermath"
  • **"Awakening"
  • **"Pathogen"
  • **"Cloverdale" <small>(Also dream)</small>
  • **"Trial and Error" <small>(Also simulation)</small>
  • **"The Greater Good"
  • **"Malice"
  • **"Visitation"
  • **"Resurgence"
  • **"Deliverance"
  • **"Twin Destinies" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Alliances"
  • **"Hope"
  • **"Seizure"
  • **"The Hunt"
  • **"Common Descent" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Epilogue" <small>(Also alternate timeline duplicate)</small>
  • **"Blockade"
  • **"Gauntlet"
  • |}


    When he was either seven or eight years old, when his Eli Wallace's grandfather|grandfather passed away, he became aware of his own mortality, and ever since then, was scared at the thought that his consciousness would end, and not see what would happen in the world, thus making Eli question, or disbelieve the existence of an afterlife. {{cite|SGU|Time}}
    Eli has expressed doubts about his ability to cope with responsibility, although he has shown himself to be capable when forced into difficult positions, such as when he found himself in control of Destiny's weapons during their first fight with the Nakai ships. {{cite|SGU|Space}}
    Although he lacks formal education, characters have compared him favorably to other geniuses in the employ of Stargate Command, such as Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Dr. Rodney McKay. Dr. Adam Brody admitted to Dr. Bill Lee that Eli was the smartest person he knew, presumably including Dr. Nicholas Rush in that, and asked Lee not to tell Eli, not realizing that it was Eli himself he admitted it to, although he claimed he was talking about Albert Einstein since Eli didn't know exactly who he was talking about. When Eli decides to stay behind and try to fix the stasis pod, he tells Young that he's smarter than Rush and he thus has the best chance of fixing the pods. Rush personally admits that Eli is smart and has a lot of potential while trying to convince him not to potentially sacrifice his life in a possibly futile pursuit. Rush also admits to a dream version of Doctor Daniel Jackson that Eli is indeed smarter than he is. {{cite|SGU|Human|Twin Destinies|Gauntlet}}




  • Colt M16A3 rifle: To be added
  • M9 pistol: To be added
  • Other equipment

  • Battle Dress Uniform: To be added
  • Tactical vest: To be added
  • Radio: To be added
  • Flashlight: To be added
  • Kino: To be added
  • Sunglasses: To be added
  • Canteen: To be added
  • Long-range communication stone: To be added
  • Relationships

    {{quote|You're cute. And you're funny too. And you're a genius... And... you're a good friend.|Chloe Armstrong|Earth (episode)}}
  • Chloe Armstrong: Chloe Armstrong thinks of Eli as a very good friend, but when they were first stranded on the ship, Eli wished for them to further their relationship. This idea was cut short when Chloe and Lt. Matthew Scott developed feelings for each other. Their relationship was strained after Chloe purposely distracted him during the Mutiny on Destiny, but Eli eventually forgave her. He still harbored feelings for her even after her relationship with Scott started while Chloe only considered him her truest friend, although she indicated that she was aware of what he really felt for her. Eli kissed Chloe on the cheek during the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, but later turned his affections to Ginn and abandoned his feelings for Chloe. However, Eli still remained good friends with her and did his best to support her through her experience with the Nakai pathogen. {{Cite|SGU|Darkness|Light|Divided|Human|Incursion, Part 2|Trial and Error}}
  • Ginn: Ginn joined the crew after the Lucian Alliance launched their attack. She and Eli quickly formed a bond after she was chosen to stay behind on Destiny. Ginn and Eli first kissed after she looked at his Kino recording of him after he had said goodbye to his Marian Wallace|mother. When Simeon killed Ginn, he demanded to be allowed to go to the Planet (Malice)|planet that the killer had escaped to. He was overjoyed to find out that her consciousness had not been lost, and suggested to her that they could use the Destiny interface chair|chair to have a physical relationship and was devastated when he was forced to lock her away in quarantine. {{Cite|SGU|Trial and Error|Malice|Hope|Seizure}}
  • Nicholas Rush: Although Dr. Nicholas Rush is much older than Eli, the two have worked together several times, first on the 9th chevron problem, and then many more times on different problems that occurred on the Destiny. Eli first viewed Rush in some sort of awe, but later came to resent him on some topics, including the decision to not tell the crew about the Destiny Bridge|bridge. Eli finally recognised that he was smarter than Rush, choosing to remain behind to fix the final Stasis pod because he believed that Rush might remain out beyond the two week deadline. In return, Rush seems to respect his abilities as he has trusted Eli's calculations on several occasions and admitted that Eli had great potential that he wished not to see wasted. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Air, Part 2|Air, Part 3|Blockade|Gauntlet|The Greater Good|Gauntlet}}
  • Matthew Scott: After becoming stranded on Destiny, Eli and Lt. Matthew Scott developed a good friendship which had its beginnings when they met in Icarus Base where Scott was assigned to guide Eli and the other civilians. They developed a brotherly relationship while aboard Destiny. Matthew trusts Eli, and Eli helps Matthew when he needs it most, most notably when keeping him and the rest of the military personnel appraised of the deteriorating morale among the civilians aboard Destiny. When it appeared that Colonel Everett Young was unfairly accused of murdering Sgt. Spencer, Matthew went to Eli to help him solve it. The two were able to uncover evidence that exonerated Young. When Matthew was trapped during the end of the Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny|Lucian Alliance invasion of Destiny, Eli fought to get Dr. Nicholas Rush not to sacrifice him when he came up with a way to stop the Alliance. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 1|Justice|Intervention}}
  • Camile Wray: Despite the obvious contrast between his more 'slacker' attitude and her professional one, Camile Wray has shown a certain fondness for Eli over time. When the planet Eden was found, Eli and Camile seemed to develop a friendship over the course of the month they were in the solar system. Eli shared a fruit he secretly kept with her and the two sat on the Observation deck couch together and discussed their thoughts on the recent discovery. When Eli's Marian Wallace|mother's HIV|illness took a turn for the worst due to her concern over her son, Wray convinced the International Oversight Advisory to waive policy and allow Mrs, Wallace to use the Long-range communication device so that she could see her son, arguing that Eli had earned the right to such a favor after unlocking the ninth chevron. When she discovered that Eli was involved with Ginn, a member of the Lucian Alliance who had become part of Destiny's crew after their recent invasion, she simply smiled after learning of the relationship despite the potential problems of such a connection (although the fact that she had originally introduced the two may have lessened her concerns about it). After Simeon killed Ginn, a worried Wray spoke to Eli about it and tried to get him to open up to her. {{cite|SGU|Faith|Pathogen|Trial and Error|The Greater Good|Resurgence}}
  • Notes

  • The best thing to do before entering a wormhole is to exhale, as the first instinct upon reaching the other side is to inhale. That said, Eli inhaled deeply and held his breath before entering his first wormhole. {{cite|SG1|Prisoners|comma=}}
    {{cite|open=|SGU|Air, Part 1}}
  • When using the Ancient Long-range communication device to speak to his Marian Wallace|mother, Eli goes under the alias 'w:c:futurama:Philip J. Fry|Philip Fry'. This is the name of the main character of the animated science fiction/comedy series Futurama, a show by the same creators as The Simpsons, which is another animated series that has been referenced numerous times in the Stargate continuity. {{cite|SGU|Earth}}
  • The name Eli is of Hebrew origin and means "uplifted, ascended". It also means "ascend" in Basque and in English.
  • Eli appears in 18 Kino webisodes, more than any other character.
  • Behind the scenes

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  • Eli was originally given the surname of Hitchcock,<ref name="Hitchcock">{{GateWorld|news/2008/09/meet-the-stargate-universe-team/|Meet the Stargate Universe team!}}
    </ref> but this was later changed to Wallace before he appeared in Stargate Universe.<ref name="Wallace">[http://scifiwire.com/2009/01/stargate-universe-crew-is-cast-led-by-hidden-hills-justin-louis.php Stargate Universe crew is cast, led by Hidden Hills' Justin Louis] on Sci Fi Wire.</ref>
  • It seems at least plausible his final name may have been a tip of the hat to [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eli_Wallach Eli Wallach].
  • David Blue wrote he used 12 "YOU ARE HERE" T-shirts while filming SGU.<ref name="tshirt">[https://www.instagram.com/p/BiU0Yj6FJGw/].</ref>
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