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Eric Lewald

Eric Lewald

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|crew member name   = Eric Lewald
|image              =250px">250px
|birth name         =
|alias              =
|nickname(s)        =
|date of birth      =March 23
|place of birth     =Northfield, Minnesota, USA
|date of death      =
|place of death     =
|gender             = Male
|height             =
|hair colour        =
|eye colour         =
|nationality        =American
|marital status     =Married to Julia Jane Lewald
|official site      =
|notable credit(s)  =
|title/credit(s)    = 
  • Executive Story and Development
  • Story Editor
  • Producer
  • }} Eric Lewald was the executive in charge of story and development for every episode of Stargate Infinity. He was also a story editor and producer of the show. He is married to Stargate Infinity writer Julia Jane Lewald.

    External links

  • [https://www.facebook.com/eric.lewald.7 Eric Lewald] 's official page on Facebook
  • [https://twitter.com/EricLewald Eric Lewald] 's official account on Twitter
  • [https://www.instagram.com/ericlewald/ Eric Lewald] 's official account on Instagram
  • [https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-lewald-b65a0b1/ Eric Lewald] 's official profile on LinkedIn
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