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Eva Reinhardt

Eva Reinhardt

{{Infobox Character |name =Eva Reinhardt |image=250px">250px |died= 1938 |race = Tau'ri |home planet =Earth |gender =Female |rank =Unknown |occupation =Documentary Film Maker |allegiances = Nazi Germany |actress = Sarah Navratil}} Eva Reinhardt was considered by many to be one of the jewels in the crown of the Nazi regime. Aspiring to create films from a young age, Eva won acclaim for her dramatic works on the film festival circuit throughout the early 1930s. It wasn't long before this talent was noticed by Nazi leadership, with Hitler personally requesting that Eva attend some of his early rallies. Eva became a fiercely passionate advocate of the Führer's, creating multiple propaganda works from feature films to reels document the 1936 Olympics.


During her time at the Berlin games, Eva met Dr. Wilhelm Brücke who wasted no time in telling the beautiful filmmaker about his own personal passion project. The exotic and mysterious nature of Brücke's quest was, of course, of great interest to Eva who was constantly on the lookout for new inspiration. Closely aligned in their ideologies, the pair quickly developed a close professional relationship. But, their fascination with each other regularly bordered on romantic as their partnership progressed. In 1939, after Brücke had been given the go-ahead for his mission to Africa, Eva convinced the Nazi leadership that by accompanying the occultist on his journey, she could create a film that would, once and for all, prove Nazi superiority to the world.<ref>[https://www.stargatecommand.co/feeds/stargate-origins-character-intel-eva-reinhardt Character Intel]</ref>


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