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Eye of the Gods

Eye of the Gods

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{{Infobox Technology |image=250px">250px |name=Eye of the Gods |manufacturer=Ancients |function=Matter transportation |control=Control crystal#Ancients|Control crystals |size=4 meters |weight= |power=Unknown |affiliation=
  • Ancients
  • Sodan
  • Tau'ri
  • }} The Eye of the Gods are a set of transporters used by the Ancients found on the Sodan homeworld of P9G-844.


    By activating the correct symbols on the obelisk, the device releases a cone of energy which envelops any objects in its radius. Once enveloped, the objects inside the cone of light are instantly transported to a nearby obelisk. This allowed for quick and efficient travel across a planet, and seemed to work on principles very different from Transportation rings. Similar to other elements of Ancient technology, they relied solely on Control crystal#Ancients|control crystals to function. {{Cite|SG1|Babylon (episode){{!}}
    Babylon|Arthur's Mantle (episode){{!}}
    Arthur's Mantle}} A much more Morgan's planetary circuit|elaborate version of this technology was used by Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. Their obelisks could interface with the Stargate network and were capable of transporting the contents of an entire laboratory through an active Stargate to another world. This process operated at an hourly interval, with no warning to those subjected to the process. {{Cite|SG1|The Quest, Part 2}}


    One such obelisk was created and placed on the Sodan homeworld, where it was used to link their settlement to the Stargate due to the great distance between the two locations. This system allowed Sodan warriors to link their village to the Stargate until the control panel for the village obelisk was removed by Volnek, who had been cursed by a Prior. {{Cite|SG1|Babylon (episode) {{!}}
    Babylon|Arthur's Mantle (episode) {{!}}
    Arthur's Mantle}} Morgan Le Fay used a system of obelisks as part of a method of hiding Merlin by transporting him and those with him through the Stargate from one planet to another. The obelisks in this system contained a command which would override the planet's Dial Home Device|dialing device, cutting it off from the rest of the Stargate network. {{Cite|SG1|The Quest, Part 2}}
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