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The Fensalirain are a race from the planet Fensalir, which is one of the worlds Protected Planets Treaty|protected by the Asgard.


The Fensalirain keep an oral tradition which tells of a grand age under Frigga, who came to their world and gifted them the Brísingamen, which spread peace and harmony. They were able to build a society free from war and all prospered equally until Egeria came. She fell under the Brísingamen's spell and Frigga and Egeria lived together peacefully until Egeria's husband came, resisted the Brísingamen, and waged war on Frigga until Egeria returned to him.


The Fensalirain consider Frigga to be the mother of their people. They live in a communal longhouse where Jarl Astrid holds court. They are trained in combat but they never had need to war. Their civilization is early Iron Age. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}
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