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|dist=Projection of auditory and visual signals, genetic memory
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{{Quote|Ah, but not actually a whale. Whale-like, but not a mammal. It’s a fish. It’s a big, big fish.|Rodney McKay|Echoes}}
A Flagisallus is a type of large fish found on Lantea, capable of surviving at oceanic depths well below 350 meters. Due to their appearance, members of the Atlantis expedition have taken to identifying the creatures as whales, but the creatures are not mammalian. They do, however, seem fairly intelligent and possess a form of language.


{{quote|I cross-referenced the renderings in the database with the whale outside and, you’ll see... The males have a rather prominent...|Rodney McKay|Echoes}}
Flagisallus are capable of projecting auditory and visual signals; the Ancients constructed a device that could facilitate communication with them, and attempted to teach the Flagisallus their Ancient language|own language. The flagisallus stored several details of at least one event in their genetic memory, using it to warn the Atlantis expedition of an impending coronal mass ejection. Due to the absence of Atlantis, this species (along with all other life on Lantea) will go extinct in approximately 15,000 years when the next coronal mass ejection hits. They are also sensitive to changes in the solar magnetic field. The species communicate with their own echolocation by using low frequency sonar, amplified by an EM field, creating vibrations that can be uncomfortable to humans. In one case, it has shown that it can kill a human. Male flagisallus possess a "prominent feature" that easily distinguishes them from the females of the species. {{Cite|ATL|Grace Under Pressure|Echoes}}


<gallery captionalign="left"> The tail of a Flagisallus. A large pod of Flagisallus seek shelter beneath Atlantis' shield. The eye of a Flagisallus as it passes a Puddle Jumper. Flagisallus.png|Flagisallus coming towards Atlantis Flagisallus concept.jpg </gallery> {{Animals}}
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