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Fleura is a young Minos child who had mutated genes which caused "The Curse (Minos)|The Curse" to come early. She is the daughter of Bowjin.



Fleura's mutated genes caused "The Curse (Minos)|The Curse" to come early. Following her instincts, she began to flee and hide until her change into a Baellanid would complete. Her father Bowjin and other Minos looked for her, along with the help of Phoenix-1. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}
The group chased after her and Kulera managed to catch her. Fleura demanded to be let go but Kulera didn't and gave her to Bowjin. Another Minos injected her with a primitive hypodermic that held the serum to stop the change and she fell unconscious. <ref>[https://stargatetherpg.com/forums/topic/2003-official-episode-3-mission-wrap-up/ Stargatetherpg Official Episode 3 Mission Wrap Up]</ref>


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