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Forge is a male Wraith and is the Master of Sciences Biological to Hive queen|Queen Light Breaking.


Forge is a Cleverman of Gryphon. He went to a hive of Night with only his skills to recommend him. Hive queen|Queen Light Breaking named Forge Pallax, welcomed him to her Zenana and became her Master of Sciences Biological. Forge spent time on Alabaster's hive consulting with Ember, who showed him his and Dr. Jennifer Keller's work with the Wraith gene therapy|retrovirus that allows Wraith to feed on humans without either being harmed. Forge informed Light Breaking about it and gave his opinion on it. Forge was part of the group of Wraith and AR-1 who went to the planet Teseirit to look for Light Breaking's sister Moonwhite. Forge observed the changes in the Blood fever strain. He checked out the Nimble and its dead pilot Flame. He found out that there had been sickness aboard the ship. Forge also gave the Gift of Life to Bell (Wraith)|Bell to heal him. {{Cite|ATL|Lost Queen}}


  • Cleverman's handheld scanner
  • Wraith scout ship
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