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|location=Arbella, Laketown
|builder=Gus Steiner
|control=Tau'ri (Arbellan)
|appearances=Stargate SG-1: Apocalypse
  • "Exile"
  • "Insurrection"
  • }} The Fu-Bar was a bar and hangout location on the planet Arbella in an Alternate timeline. It served beer.

    Alternate timeline


    In the year 2000, in a timeline where the Tau'ri's allies abandoned them due to Harold Maybourne and the National Intelligence Department|NID stealing from them, Earth was no longer a part of the Protected Planets Treaty and was devastated by Apophis's forces, some fled to Arbella. Quartermaster Gus Steiner acquired supplies to make sour mash that proved popular with the refugees. He found a spot on the edge of camp where he setup some upturned crates, planks on barrels in the open air, and lanterns were strung among the makeshift tables. People called this place the Fu-Bar. Prices for Steiner's booze depended on what people had that he needed. {{Cite|SG-1|Exile}}


    In 2098, the Fu-Bar was a Combined Military Force hangout in Laketown. Inside it had a bar with wooden kegs, some of which were labeled Steiner's Original. It also had chairs and tables that were mostly makeshift. The door to the Fu-Bar was always open. The bar served Steiner's Original. {{Cite|SG-1|Exile|Insurrection}}
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