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Future glasses

Future glasses

{{Infobox Technology |name=Future glasses |image=thumb">thumb |manufacturer= |designer= |function=Data recording and display, Data storage and retrieval |material= |size=Glasses sized |weight= |power= |affiliation=Tau'ri }} {{Quote|Sam? I don't think these came from Walmart.|Daniel Jackson|Stargate SG-1: Unleashed Ep 1}}
Future glasses are Glasses from the future that have the ability to potentially hold gigabytes of data, such as images, maps, and real-time communication, which can be displayed on the lenses.



thumb|right|Glasses POV in use, saving images.">thumb|right|Glasses POV in use, saving images. A future version of Daniel Jackson had one and used it to take pictures while Stargate Command was going to Self-destruct. While trying to escape through the Stargate, Daniel was killed by a Jaffa and the glasses were broken. Jack O'Neill picked them up and was shot by another Jaffa, which propelled him through the gate.


The future O'Neill, dying from Radiation, brought the glasses with him to the past. Daniel picked up the glasses and thought they looked like his. SG-1 was able to get information from the glasses. Samantha Carter was impressed by the technology and noted that nothing like it existed yet. {{Cite|SG-1|Unleashed Ep 1}}
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