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Geldaran dirigible

Geldaran dirigible

{{Infobox Spaceship
|name=Geldaran dirigible
|designer=Dr. Rodney McKay
|max accel=
|max speed=
|engine=hand-powered propellers<br>steam-powered propulsion
|shield gen=
|role=Bomb transport aircraft
{{Quote|Now you're making dirigibles! Do you have any idea how momentous that is?|Dr. Rodney McKay|The Game}}
A Geldaran dirigible is a type of airship made by the Geldarans.


By 2007, the Geldarans had made dirigibles that Dr. Rodney McKay taught them how to build. They had achieved propulsion through hand-powered propellers and then moved on to tests of steam-powered propulsion. The Geldarans were going to use a dirigible to deliver a bomb to one of Hallona's outlying villages after they were attacked by the Hallonan troops. A Jumper punctured it but Nola ordered more bombs to be launched. Atlantis Reconnaissance 1 and the Daedalus managed to stop the fighting from going further however, by Dr. Rodney McKay hacking their Oracle consoles and the Daedalus doing pinpoint shots to simulate what war would actually be like. {{Cite|SGA|The Game}}

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