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|This article is about the Nox cloak. For other uses, see Gift (disambiguation).
{{Infobox Technology |image= |name=Gift |manufacturer=Nox |designer= |function=
  • Cloak
  • False readings
  • |control= |material= |size= |weight= |power= |affiliation=Nox }} The Gift is a cloak#Nox|cloak by the Nox that can hide a whole planet and interfere with ship instrument readings. The Nox used the Gift to hide the Aturens from outside interference. The Nox wove a protective barrier around the planet Atura, which made it disappear and would cause ships that entered the Aturen system to have their instruments register a debris field full of uninteresting mineral deposits that wouldn't be worth mining. The barrier had been tested a few times over the centuries, but Ra and his scout ships were never able to find Atura. After the Aturens decided to join the fight against the System Lords the Gift was removed, which left Atura visible and vulnerable once more. Had the Aturens stayed true to the teachings of the Nox the Gift would have remained. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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