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Gilgamesh Vessel

Gilgamesh Vessel

{{quote|The photo shows the "Gilgamesh Vessel". Actually more a krater of ancient Greece.|Dr. Daniel Jackson|Stargate: Daniel Jackson 1}}
right|thumb|The Gilgamesh Vessel">right|thumb|The Gilgamesh Vessel The Gilgamesh Vessel was a krater that contained writing in the Ancient language, although the dialect was odd. The writings told of a treasure trove created by the Ancient|gods. The vessel also contained a gate address to the Ancient Treasure Planet|island of treasure and depicted a figure that might represent Gilgamesh. The Vessel had been destroyed during the looting of the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities that occurred in the early days of the Iraq war. The shards that remain appear Babylon|Babylonian or Sumerian. {{Cite|SG|Daniel Jackson 1}}
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