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Great Houses

Great Houses

{{Infobox Organization
|name= Great Houses
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  • House of Ground and Sea
  • House of Steel and Stone
  • House of the Dawn
  • House of the Stars
  • House of Life
  • |headquarters=Atura |locations= |formed= |founded= |dissolved= |affiliation=
  • Aturens
  • Aturen Parliament
  • }} The Great Houses are the House of Ground and Sea, House of Steel and Stone, House of the Dawn, House of the Stars, and House of Life. There are thousands of small houses spread across on Atura, but the Great Houses are the Aturens five houses that dominate the political landscape of their culture, control most of their society, and hold the most seats in Aturen Parliament. Each house is based on their own interpretation of the Creed, which is the philosophy and guiding set of principles based on the teaching of the Nox.


    House of Ground and Sea

    {{main|House of Ground and Sea}}
    The House of Ground and Sea is the largest of the houses. They were responsible for instigating the Great war. They have since become staunch traditionalists when it comes to the Creed and prefer to follow it as diligently and faithfully as they can. They are diplomacy first and rarely leave Atura.

    House of Steel and Stone

    {{main|House of Steel and Stone}}
    The House of Steel and Stone has the largest standing army of the Great Houses. They believe in might first and proud. They are open minded and support the Phoenix Site program.

    House of the Dawn

    {{main|House of the Dawn}}
    The House of the Dawn are Ambassadors for Atura. They believe in nature and culture first and are natural leaders.

    House of the Stars

    {{main|House of the Stars}}
    The House of the Stars were the first to leave Atura centuries ago and are the famed explorers of Atura and its Aturen system|star system. They despise tyranny and believe in exploration first.

    House of Life

    {{main|House of Life}}
    The House of Life are pacifists and environmentally conscious. They have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of Medicine|medical knowledge and on studying the myriad life-forms found across the galaxy.


    Background information

    The Aturens were once divided into tribes until their society evolved and became houses and then Great Houses. The Great Houses formed over the centuries through a series of marriages and alliances. The Great Houses have gone to war in the past over resources and aggressive colonization until the Nox revealed themselves and encouraged them to handle conflict through arbitration rather than direct warfare and they enjoyed centuries of peace.

    The Shameful war

    The Great Houses eventually went to war again when they were unable to put aside their differences and went to war with each other over borders and land. The conflict was more brutal than past conflicts due to advances in their technology. The Shameful war ended when a Nuclear warhead|fusion warhead detonated above Shinolon forest and destroyed ten square miles of terrain in an instant and caused forest fires that destroyed hundreds of miles in every direction from the blast. The Aturen armies realized they had gone too far and ordered a cease-fire to deal with the ecological calamity. The Nox, realizing they had to act, appeared in their Floating city above the Great Shame|blast site and brought the leaders of the Great Houses before them. The Aturen then worked to set aside their differences and end the war peacefully.

    The Coming of the Tok'ra

    After the Tok'ra Polonius crashed in the Aturen system and was rescued by the House of the Stars, he was brought before the Aturen Parliament. The Valingar of the House of Steel and Stone threatened to kill him, but the Aturen Parliament realized his tales of the state of the galaxy couldn't be ignored. Polonius stayed on Atura for two years as he took part in discussions with the Aturen Parliament and he slowly began to sway several of the Great Houses over to his side and in the end the Parliament voted to end neutrality. With the neutrality ended, the Nox took away the Gift that protected Atura. The Great Houses know that without the Gift they are vulnerable. With the House of Steel and Stone at the forefront, they have set in motion plans to help protect their planet. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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